A day with Daniele

President Daniele Struppa. He can sometimes be spotted walking across campus to meetings; he speaks at major Chapman events; he can be seen at Chapman sports games with his family, but what does he do with the rest of his time?

The Panther followed Struppa around throughout his day on Feb. 13 to see what it is like to be the person who just may be the busiest man on campus.

The day started at Struppa’s house in Irvine at 7 a.m. with an early workout and breakfast with his daughters Arianna and Athena. The Panther then met Struppa on campus and followed him to his meetings, after which, Struppa also showed off his favorite spots on campus and his favorite hobbies.

“One of the reasons I really love Chapman is this location in the middle of a little town where you see people and people walk and that allows you the spontaneity,” Struppa said.

5:40 a.m.

Struppa wakes up at 5:40 a.m. and runs for about an hour while watching soccer or scary movies. A couple of times per week, he lifts weights with his personal trainer.

7:30 a.m.

Every morning, two of Struppa’s daughters, Arianna, 12, and Athena, 9, make him coffee and eat breakfast with him. His daughters are home-schooled and don’t begin school until 10 a.m., but said they wake up early to spend more time with their father.

8:30 a.m.

Struppa commutes to campus from his house in Irvine. It takes him about 30 minutes to get to campus, where he parks in his reserved spot.

10 a.m.

Struppa has a variety of meetings throughout his day. He starts every week with a meeting with Harold Hewitt, Chapman’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, and Provost Glenn Pfeiffer.

11:30 a.m.

Between meetings and during lunch, Struppa checks his emails in his office.
“I eat while I work so I don’t waste time. Time is the hardest commodity to come by. That’s what you’re always fighting for. The emails are piling up faster than you can read them. When I look, I still have 200 emails to read. It’s the worst part of the job. As I eat, unless I keep doing it, they are going to be 210, 220, 230,” said President Daniele Struppa.

12:30 p.m.

Struppa had a Skype call with his colleagues in mathematics in Italy. While working as president, Struppa continues his research in mathematics.

1:30 p.m.

Struppa took a stroll across campus. He said that his favorite part of campus is outside of the Musco Center. He also said he likes the fountain at the Global Citizens Plaza. During his stroll, he said hello to students, professors and facilities workers.

2 p.m.

Panther staff members played soccer with Struppa on Memorial Lawn.

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  • I finally got a moment to look at the video, and I want to thank the Panther and the students who put this together, because you truly strived to offer a personal, human story. I appreciate the kindness with which the video portrays me. I am so happy that my two angels (Arianna and Athena) were incorporated, as well as Erika and Ivan, who keep me in line throughout the day. And I thought it was funny that you mention that I preach about calculus: it really is almost like a religion for me. Thank you!

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