Alumni begin work on feature film

Tyler Pavey, a Chapman 2011 alumnus, film writer and director, said he does not need a Hollywood producer’s thumbs up to produce a full length feature film.

All he needs is his savings, a bit of fundraising help and a team of passionate artists willing to fully commit themselves to a project.

Pavey, along with a group of Dodge College of Film and Media Arts alumni called the Ironwood Gang are creating their own film, “The Phoenix Project.” Pavey co-wrote the film, with the help of his friend Orson Ossman, and is currently directing it.

Pavey said his passion for filmmaking and his desire to showcase the work of young artists is what inspired him to make the film. The Ironwood Gang is producing this film without the help of a Hollywood producer or label to make sure that their movie stays true to their vision.

“You need to go make the movies you are passionate about making, whether producers like the idea or not,” Pavey said.

“The Phoenix Project” is about four scientists who decide to live together in order to build and operate a machine that brings living things back from the dead by using animals.

“The entire cast only consists for four guys, where each one is representative of a part of the human brain-logic, emotion, ethics, and ingenuity,” Pavey said.

Pavey funded the $28,000 project almost entirely on his own. He used most of his savings, and received the rest from his childhood neighbor that was passionate about the idea for the film.

“He wanted to be a part of the project and believed what we had was good, so he ended up matching our budget,” Pavey said.

Pavey has turned to Chapman student, Lillie Wojcik, a senior public relations and advertising major, for help with both publicity and fundraising.

“Tyler is from the bay area and I actually just got him in two newspapers up there, which is great publicity for the film,” Wojcik said.

Brad Franco, a senior psychology major said he respects what Pavey and his group of alumni have done.

“It says a lot to be able to do something like this on your own, and it’s so important to show your creativity as they have,” Franco said.

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