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‘Doughnut’ you want to feature this on your Instagram?

“Crumbs Doughnuts” is a local bakery that reopened April 8. Photo by Lorig Yaghsezian

When Crumbs Doughnuts started to pop up on my Instagram feed, I assumed it was just another fad that looked trendy but wouldn’t taste good, but I was very wrong. This place deserves all the hype.

Crumbs Doughnuts was reopened after construction in Orange April 8.

All the options it had were so unique that it was almost impossible to pick just one. The choices ranged from churro cronuts, Oreo doughnuts and a cereal doughnuts. I was between the galaxy doughnut, which is a plain doughnut with galaxy-themed pink, purple and blue frosting on the top, and the s’more cronut. The s’more ultimately won me over because I had never had a cronut before which is a croissant-doughnut hybrid.

It was $3.50, which was a bit pricey since a dozen doughnuts at Krispy Kreme is $8. However, unlike Krispy Kreme, the doughnuts at Crumbs Doughnuts are handmade, making them more expensive.

The cronut was covered in a gooey chocolate sauce and had a big roasted marshmallow in the middle with graham crackers on the sides. This combination was not overpowering, but was the perfect mix to create the s’more taste.

All the toppings made the doughnut very aesthetically pleasing and easily an “Instagrammable” item because it is a unique-looking food

Even though I didn’t eat it until I got home, the cronut was still very warm and soft, which means they are keeping their doughnuts fresh and that they are making them daily. The warmth of the cronut made the chocolate icing melt and become almost like hot fudge.

The croissant aspect helped balance everything so it wasn’t sickeningly sweet. The store itself was decorated very chic. There was a black wall with white writing all over it saying things like “Nothing but doughnuts.” This shocked me because black walls can make a store look cramped and uncomfortable, but in this case, it worked and added to the trendy feel that Crumbs has.

Also, there are other options for doughnuts and cronuts that are not crazy flavors. There are still the classics like original doughnuts and plain blueberry.

Crumbs Doughnuts is a great addition to the Orange bakery scene.

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