Miley serves up side of crazy

Miley Cyrus performs “Someone Else” on top of a hot dog during her concert at the Staples Center Saturday night. Photo by Rachel Fechser

Miley Cyrus performs “Someone Else” on top of a hot dog during her concert at the Staples Center Saturday night. Photo by Rachel Fechser

By Rachel Fechser

Miley Cyrus entered the Staples Center Saturday through the mouth of a large image of herself, using her tongue as a slide.

The stage performance of her Bangerz Tour was colorful, sexual and fun, with plenty of drug references throughout, leaving the crowd feeling as if they were lost in one of Cyrus’ trips.

The concert seemed to plateau about three songs in, as she came out in a gold car wearing a sparkly green, long-sleeved leotard covered in pot leaves, straddling and humping her way through “Love Money Party.”

Before Cyrus sang “Adore You,” she encouraged the audience to make out for the chance to appear on the large screen behind her.

Cyrus even got a kiss of her own from pop princess Katy Perry who sat front row. She stood back up on stage and said, “I just kissed a girl and I really liked it a lot.”

Despite most of the songs sounding the same, Cyrus maintained my interest and kept the crowd excited with more than 10 outfit changes and by performing covers like an acoustic version of Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” and her godmother Dolly Parton’s single from 1973, “Jolene.”

She lost the attention of her 14-year-old crowd for a moment by bringing out The Flaming Lips front man, Wayne Coyne, and drummer, Steven Drozd, to perform one of their singles from 2002, “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.” The first time wasn’t up to Coyne’s standards, so they played the song twice in a row, leaving the young crowd bored and confused as to who the guy in the red suit holding a helium balloon was.

But Cyrus thanked the crowd throughout the entire show. It seemed completely genuine.

She ended her scheduled set with “Someone Else” by hopping on a giant wiener while a man, dressed as a mustard bottle, buckled her in for the ride. She didn’t fail to show her appreciation for him as she wrapped her arms around the mustard bottle and appeared to be making out with it until she was lifted into the air.

Cyrus came back on stage for an encore, singing “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball” in the dark stadium, clothed and on the ground, contrary to what the crowd was probably expecting.

Finally, she finished the show with a second encore with a throwback to 2009, “Party in the USA.”

Miley Cyrus offers more visual entertainment than a concert. But overall, her younger audiences are satisfied with that.

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