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The new bakery in Old Towne reignited my love for ice cream sandwiches

Haute Sweets Baking Co., which opened recently in Old Towne Orange, serves ice cream sandwhiches a-la-carte. The ice cream sandwich I ordered at Haute Sweets Baking Co. was a combination of cowboy cookies and coffee ice cream. Photo by Jackie Cohen

When you walk into Haute Sweets Baking Co., you are hit by a sweet chocolatey smell and the sight of endless options of desserts. For an indecisive person like me, this is a bit overwhelming, but not in a bad way. I mean, can there ever be too much chocolate?

Choosing what to try was a struggle, though. There were so many options: ice cream sandwiches, chocolates, pastries, cake pops and more. With the help of the friendly woman working there, I decided to try an ice cream sandwich, which she said is one of the bakery’s most popular products.

The ice cream sandwich had a cowgirl cookie (coconut, macadamia nuts and oats) on top, a chocolate chip cookie on the bottom and a large scoop of coffee ice cream in the middle. The cookies were the perfect mix between soft and crunchy, and the coffee ice cream balanced out the sweetness of the cookie.

My main issue with other ice cream sandwiches is that they always fall apart and are usually difficult to eat without making a mess. However, the softness of the cookie and amount of ice cream that Haute Sweets used was perfect, because it was easy to eat without making a mess. I only used one napkin and that wasn’t until the very end.

When it comes to ice cream sandwiches, temperature is also important. Other places I have tried use rock-hard ice cream and then put the entire sandwich (with the ice cream) in a waffle iron, making it melt and fall apart the moment you pick it up. Haute Sweets didn’t try to do this. Instead, the cookies were kept at room temperature and the ice cream was frozen without being a solid block. This balance of temperatures helped keep the sandwich in one piece instead of falling apart.

Besides the great flavor, the prices were very reasonable. The ice cream sandwich was $3.50.

Haute Sweets has a very comfortable and relaxing environment. I went with a couple of friends and after ordering, we sat down in the back of the shop on a comfortable couch talking, as if we were in our own living room. The calm setting with bright lights and a sweet scent of chocolate helped us relax and enjoy ourselves. The shop’s proximity to campus makes it a perfect place to walk with friends after a long day of classes and catch up.

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