Seeing double: Twins discuss why they chose to attend Chapman together

Hannah and Kaitlyn Schmidt

Growing up, Hannah and Kaitlyn Schmidt, sophomore health sciences majors, spent every moment together. Same room, same school, same friends. Now, in college, nothing has changed, they said.

Hannah and Kaitlyn Schmidt are just one of the sets of twins that attend Chapman together. The Schmidt twins said there are many reasons twins might choose to attend the same university, like financial reasons, not wanting to be separated and staying close to home.

“We’re each other’s best friends,” Hannah Schmidt said. “It feels most comfortable when we are together, so coming to the same school and staying together, it was like it just had to be that way.”

Unlike Hannah and Kaitlyn Schmidt, Trystan Davis, a sophomore news and documentary major, and his twin sister, Taylor Davis, a sophomore television writing and production major, didn’t have prior intentions to attend the same university.

“We applied to a ton of schools and Chapman was basically the only one we both had on our lists,” Trystan Davis said. “After we both got in, we figured it would be easier for our parents if we both went.”

While the Davis twins attend the same university, they said they each have different things that help them branch out.

“When I came to Chapman, I joined Greek life,” Trystan Davis said. “And while my sister did too, it was helpful to meet different people. The people I met in Delta Tau Delta (fraternity) are great, and I will always be friends with them.”

Buster and Eugene La Haye, senior screenwriting majors, have shared a room their entire lives and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

“After school, we plan on getting a place together and finding jobs close to each other,” Buster La Haye said. “One of us doesn’t have any major plans that don’t include the other person. We do everything together.”

Since Buster and Eugene La Haye have the same major, they plan to find jobs within the same industry and hopefully work together.

Ari and Alan Moutal, sophomore film production majors, said they spend a fair amount of time together but each have their own individual things they like to do.

“We aren’t those twins that are always together,” Ari Moutal said. “We may live together and be in the same major but we have different interests and hang out with different people as well. We’re not the same person.”

While they both are affiliated with fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi and live together, Alan Moutal is involved in The ChapTones which, he said, gives him a different group of friends to hang out with, and the two don’t plan on living together next year.

While Hannah and Kaitlyn Schmidt enjoy being twins, there are parts of the dynamic they don’t enjoy.

“I think people sometimes don’t want to get to know us because they’re intimidated that we look exactly the same,” Hannah Schmidt said. “They’re afraid we’ll be the same person or that they might mix us up.”

Kaitlyn Schmidt agreed.

“People think it’s offensive if they mix us up,” she said. “I think it’s funny. What offends me is when people don’t even attempt to identify which one I am. If they say ‘Hey twin!’ or something, that’s when it gets offensive.”

Overall, Trystan Davis said having a twin is pretty sweet.

“I love everything about being a twin. It’s like being born with a built-in best friend,” he said. “If you can get your hands on a twin, I highly recommend it.”

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