“Snitch” reveals Johnson’s emotional side

Dwayne Johnson stars as John in the action film “Snitch,” released in theatres Feb. 22. Summit Entertainment

Dwayne Johnson stars as John in the action film “Snitch,” released in theatres Feb. 22. Summit Entertainment

The film “Snitch,” released Feb. 22, is a realistic yet thrilling story that seeks to draw attention to America’s justice system and its war with drugs. It also describes the lengths a father would go to get his son out of prison.

John Matthews (Dwayne Johnson) risks his life against drug deals and the Mexican cartel while trying to seek redemption for his son, Jason (Rafi Gavron), who faces ten years in prison time after meeting with a childhood friend.

I was pleasantly surprised to see just how realistic Johnson’s performance was. Despite his height and body builder caliber muscles, he meaningfully portrayed a father that was out of his element. His performance was quite moving and at times made my heart beat faster.

Jason is shocked to find out that his friend has turned into a drug dealer. During a Skype chat, he finds out that his friend wants him to hold onto a box full of ecstasy. Try as he might, Jason cannot resist his friend’s request and ends up with the drugs. From there on, his father must take on not only a drug cartel but also the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the American justice system. The audience sees just how stringent the law is when it comes to first time offenders.

Growing up, I used to watch Johnson playing roles such as the Scorpion King in the “Mummy” Series or the Sheriff in “Walking Tall.” In “Snitch,” Johnson reveals a different, more emotional side of his acting personality. By playing a father, his overly sensitive and protective side is revealed. Johnson is forced to show a more vocal performance as his character cannot rely on his physical build, but rather on his dialogue.

The film is very fast paced. Theatergoers will find themselves fully immersed in the movie’s thriller nature. In fact, “Snitch” did not play out as a traditional Rock style movie until the last 15 minutes. During the scene’s climax, viewers are treated with a shoot-out between Matthews, the drug cartel and the DEA.

“Snitch,” based on a Frontline documentary, makes a bold statement about how the justice system treats nonviolent offenders. The statement this movie makes is very important and people should certainly care to watch this movie. Even though it has a good amount of action, it reminds the audience that any one of us could have our lives ruined by one bad decision.

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