Students sprout spring fashions early in season

fashionWith the holidays behind us and the weather warming up, new fashion trends are blooming.  There seems to be a forecast not only for sunnier weather, but also for these five spring trends from the runway to hit the Chapman walkways.

1. Contrast Patterns: In a hectic world, there is something reassuring about a simple, clean black and white contrast. This spring’s palette matches with everything by showcasing apparel with bold stripes and zigzags.

Assistant store manager, Jan Van Dalen, of Forever 21 at Fashion Island said this look, popular with New York Fashion Week designers Marc Jacobs and Gucci, is versatile and trendy for both men and women.

“The nice thing about the contrast trend is that men can wear it too,” Van Dalen said. “Even though guys tend to wear more black and brown, it can work for anyone.”

Senior political science and communication studies major Malia Tanaka said although this color combination may seem simple, pairing it with the right outfit is anything but dull.

“I think black and white contrast can really make a statement, especially when paired with accessories or other pieces that are really bright colors. Even though black and white are extremely plain colors, they can be really eye catching.”

2. Military Style: Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters are saluting to an edgier and grungier style. Camouflage jackets and leather leggings with embellished seams are perhaps the most popular pieces of military-inspired clothing.

At Nordstrom in Fashion Island, Fashion Board Director Dana Tanaka said she is starting to see a large presence of washed denim, studded camouflage and screen knit tanks that add an edge to softer, subtler outfits.

“Right now we are seeing a lot of girls taking delicate, feminine pieces and then throwing an edgier jacket over the top to make the look a litter dirtier,” Tanaka said.

Freshman business administration major Haley Fedden said camouflage could work for a variety of styles, even her own beach-inspired apparel.

“I like to think of my style as more ‘beachy,’” Fedden said. “I do like camo though. I would wear it.”

3. Sorbets: As the weather warms up in Southern California, storefronts dissolve from winter neutrals to sorbet brights and heathered neons. Around campus, splashes of mint, lavender, baby pink, melon, bright orange, mellow yellow and cobalt blue are appearing in trendy scarves, blouses and handbags.

These colors are a great way to bring in the season because they add a burst of color to a black and white palette, Tanaka said.

“We are definitely seeing an abundance of mint green and light yellow this season,” Tanaka said. “They are fun, flirty spring colors that mostly revolve around Easter.”

4. Modern Floral prints: In this blooming technological age, dainty spring florals have been digitalized and enlarged. The sharp angles of pixilated flowers are displayed in cropped pants and blouses.

These prints are splashy and more modern than last season’s and make for great statement pieces, said Doug Larin, visual manager of Fashion Island’s BCBGMAXAZRIA.

“The nice thing about the modern florals is they are taken so literally,” Larin said. “For example, instead of having a more serious floral business blazer, we see modern florals on leggings or scarves.”

Tanaka said she uses these prints to make a basic outfit pop.

“Modern floral patterns are great when paired with jeans and some cute wedges,” she said. “As long as the other piece of clothing you are wearing is one plain color.”



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