Wingstop simmers up classic tastes

A combo with eight wings, fries and a drink cost $10.97 at Wing Stop. Photo by Sarah Purlee

The Wingstop franchise claims to be “the wing experts,” but the newly opened restaurant at the corner of Katella Avenue and Tustin Street doesn’t measure up to this assertion.

When you eat spicy chicken wings, you expect your mouth to be on fire, your lips to be covered with gooey hot sauce and your teeth to sink into meat that falls off the bone.

Wingstop offered an experience that slightly paled in comparison to the idea.    The atmosphere of Wingstop is pleasant enough, with sports playing on different televisions around the dining room and signed jerseys hanging on the walls. The decorations are fitting, considering chicken wings are a staple bar food.

Wingstop does have a selection of beers, but one of the coolest things about this restaurant is the soda machine. There were at least six different types of Diet Coke to choose from, which was wonderful, if a little overwhelming.

Speaking of choice, Wingstop offers 10 different sauces for their signature wings. I chose to sample the original hot and teriyaki flavors. The total cost for eight wings, fries and a drink was $10.97, a fair price for a lot of food. And the fries were amazing; crispy and salty, and made from real Idaho potatoes.

The wings themselves were OK. The quality was superior to the on-campus eatery World of Wings, but I’ve had better. I preferred traditional wings to the boneless option.

I would not recommend the teriyaki sauce, since it tasted more like barbecue and still wasn’t appetizing. As for the hot sauce, I definitely could have stepped up the level of heat from original hot to Cajun, or even atomic if I was feeling really brave.

I think the best way to measure the quality of hot wings is to assess the pile of dirty napkins amassed by the end of the meal, and I had plenty.

Wingstop provides an enjoyable experience overall, and I would suggest it to wing connoisseurs who are sick of WOW. In any case, I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than watching football and eating chicken wings with friends.

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