4 senators elected to student organization, underclassman seats

Four new senators were elected to student government Sept. 20, filling three student organization senate seats and one underclassman senate seat.

About 17 percent of the student body – 1,156 students – voted in this election, which is a five percent increase in voter turnout from the last election.

Of the 22 total candidates, 14 students ran for the three student organization senate seats, which went to Tyler Brooks, Maytal Sarafian and Erin Mason.

“I truly campaigned at my fullest, from meeting people before class and performing magic (from) table to table in the dining commons and other locations around campus. I strived to develop a personal connection with everyone I met,” Brooks said.

Brooks, a freshman business administration major, earned 21 percent of the vote, while Sarafian and Mason received 11 and 10 percent respectively.

Brooks earned 498 of the 2,366 votes cast for the student organization senate seat, with the number of eligible voters at 6,744.

Brooks’s first initiative as a senator will be to meet and learn about the various goals of each organization, he said.

Student government could not provide The Panther with the total number of students who voted for the student organization seats, because individuals were allowed to vote for up to three candidates for that senate seat.

“I believe that learning about each club will allow me to better advocate for and advise them when needed,” Brooks said. “Additionally, I am currently working with the User Experience Society at Chapman, an organization that specializes in website design, to create websites for the various clubs and organizations on campus.”

Mason, who earned 225 out of the 2,366 votes for a student organization senate seat, said that two of her goals are to add an ice machine to the dorms and “bring more attention” to sports events.

“I feel ready to serve the student body,” Mason said. “My plan is to be the voice for the student organizations and show them that they made the right choice.”
Sarafian received 266 out of the 2,366 votes cast for a student organization senate seat. She did not respond to a request for comment from The Panther.

Eight students ran for the underclassman senate seat. Saba Amid, a freshman political science major, won with 181 out of 1,156 votes, or 25 percent of the vote.

“Winning always comes as a surprise,” Amid said. “Now that I have a senate seat, I really look forward to implementing changes like the water filling stations, getting input from students and increasing transparency.”

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