Author shares experience and new book

Kristen-Paige Madonia, a former Chapman student, read an excerpt from her recently released young adult novel, “Fingerprints of You.”

Kristen-Paige Madonia, author of “Fingerprints of You,” reads selections from her young adult novel on campus Wednesday evening. Photo by Adam Ottke

Kristen-Paige Madonia reflected on her experience of becoming a professional author and read a passage from her new book “Fingerprints of You” to 30 students and faculty members Wednesday.

Madonia attended Chapman for a year in 2002 for the creative writing master’s program before transferring to Cal State Long Beach.

“I was inspired by her story of becoming an author,” said freshman biology major Meera Patel. “I found it very endearing that she experienced a lot of failure but kept going on and writing.”

Undergraduate students like Patel, graduate students and faculty members alike came to the reading in support of Madonia’s book. Copies complete with Madonia’s signature were sold after the event for $16.

Patel heard about the lecture from Eileen Jankowski, assistant professor of English and director of the fellowships and scholar program.

“It was a young adult book, which I did not know at the time and I really liked it. It like one of those books I would read on my own time,” Patel said.

Darcy Alsop, a graduate student working toward a master’s degree in creative writing also attended.

“I came out as part of my class tonight,” said Alsop. “These speaking engagements are very helpful. I enjoy reading young adult novels though not necessarily writing them.”

“Fingerprints of You,” published by Simon & Schuster, took four years to complete. It centers on a 17-year-old who gets pregnant and goes on a road trip to San Francisco to meet her long-lost father.

Though this isn’t the first book Madonia has written, it is the first she has published. Before writing on “Fingerprints of You,” Madonia was focusing on a darker novel that was not picked up by a publisher.

“I was very upset, but my agent told me that it wasn’t my job to sell books, but that it was my job to write them,” Madonia said.

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