Baseball coach placed on indefinite leave

Officials said Tereschuk allegedly violated university policy.


Tom Tereschuk

Baseball head coach Tom Tereschuk was placed on an indefinite administrative leave March 28 while the university investigates allegations of violations against university policy.

Adorned as the 2011 “Best Coach” in Orange County by OC Weekly, Tereschuk is one of Chapman’s most decorated coaches. After 11 years of achievement, including the team’s first national championship in 35 years, his reign as head coach has been more than successful.

Tereschuk, who also teaches three weight training classes at Chapman, has been temporarily relieved of his duties while under investigation by human resources said Doug Aiken, sports information director.

“The investigation is ongoing and until it is resolved, [Tereschuk] will not be teaching on campus or traveling with the baseball team,” Aiken said.

Tereschuk has used profanity in the presence of team members and spectators, said Michael Newman, a senior at Chapman and a former utility who left the baseball team in Fall 2011.

Newman said Tereschuk’s temper operates on a short fuse.

“He’s screamed and cussed at me on the field and called me useless. If a player messed up, he would belittle them until he got it all out of his system,” Newman said. “If he was caught doing what he did, he would have been fired a long time ago.”

A current player, who requested to have anonymity because of possible repercussions from Tereschuck, confirmed the consistent use of profanity.

“He has absolutely directed vulgarity at the team on many occasions,” he said.

Tereschuk declined to comment on the alleged violations.

The athletic department could not disclose specific details of the investigation.

“An administrative leave can happen for a number of combinations, but it’s a serious situation regardless,” Aiken said.

Associate head coach Dave Edwards is handling Tereschuk’s coaching duties while the investigation is pending. Edwards took over March 28 and recently traveled with the team to Texas for a three-game nonconference series. Aiken added that substitute professors are currently filling in for Tereschuk’s three classes.

Coaches using vulgarity has been a hot topic in college sports following the April 3 firing of Rutgers University basketball head coach Mike Rice. Rice was first suspended and then fired after ESPN aired a video that showed him throwing balls at players and directing anti-gay slurs at them during practice.

Andrea Becker, assistant professor of sports studies at California State University Fullerton, said while Rice is an extreme example, fear-based coaching isn’t rare with the pressures of college sports.

“Coaching is a place where you’re in control and you’re calling the shots. Often times, coaches engage in ego-protecting behavior by showing authority,” Becker said.

Coaching out of fear includes threatening not only players’ positions, but also players themselves, Becker said.

In his one season under Tereschuk, Newman said anger was a standard in his coaching style.

“He was always the worst after a tough loss. He will call you anything and go anywhere – there’s no cap on it,” Newman said. “Outside of baseball, he’s a genuinely good guy and a family man. But once he gets onto the field, it’s all business and he will snap.”

Tereschuk was below a .500 winning percentage for the current season before his leave was administered, with an overall record of 11-12. Since then, the baseball team has collected one win and five losses.

The investigation is indefinite and has no known completion date, Aiken said.


  • I find these allegations hard to accept because my experiences in Coach Tereschuk’s weight training class never revealed such temperament. He was very reasonable in regards to my schedule conflicts and attentive towards his children. Of course, I have never been to one of the baseball team’s games or practices, so I can’t say anything from that perspective.

  • Hi Panther –

    I will never condone abuse. At all. I think it’s malicious and has no place in amateur athletics. Without knowing the details about what was said by Coach Tereschuk, I think it’s extremely unfair to use the comments of a former baseball player in Mike Newman as the focal point of the story and first-hand account of what happens on the diamond. Especially</b) after he played less than 1/4 of a season under the coach in question.

    Coach Tereschuk's coaching style isn't for everyone, admittedly. He's demanding on and off of the diamond and is intense in these demands, as any college coach should be. At a University that restricts coaches from cutting players (due to a misguided AYSO mentality), characterizing Tereschuk’s actions as on the same level as Coach Rice’s is irrevocably wrong. Especially when these claims are substantiated only by a former player who quit two seasons ago after playing in only 14 games and a player who will not put his face to his anonymous comments.

    I ask that the Panther please report more on this story after speaking to more than only two players and a SID that cannot comment on the story. It’s wrong to present a story as seen through the eyes of someone who quit after playing only 14 games under the man who has been coaching at the University for over 10 years, has two children at home, and who teaches his players the most important lesson: accountability. It’s too bad that some “global citizens” don’t’ see this lesson as clearly as others.


  • Worst written article I have ever seen in “The Panther.” Get reliable sources who have known Coach T for more than a semester or a season. Very biased, one-sided, and poorly written article. It should be deleted from all records due to it’s lack of research.

  • You have forgotten to mention the HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of emails, letters, and phone calls from former players and their families defending him both professionally and personally. These “athletes” have no idea the consequences of their actions. This man and his family will forever be affected because he hurt their feelings. Unbelievable. Please make sure when you write a story like this, you report on both sides not just one. You look very very unprofessional .

  • It is unfortunate how one-sided this article is. If only Kate Ferrin and Michael Newman knew what a positive impact Coach Tereschuck has had on so many players lives on and off the diamond.

    Kate, when writing an article in the future, please understand the repercussions it may have on peoples lives. It is your job as a journalist to gather all of the facts and show both sides of the story. For every one negative you could dig up about Coach Tereschuck there are hundreds of positives.

    “Tereschuk has used profanity in the presence of team members” – If this is the reason why a college baseball coach gets indefinitely put on leave or ultimately fired I have to believe that every coach within collegiate athletics would be out of a job.

  • I agree with the other posts. This seems to much in line with the media blowing coaches and their eccentricities out of proportion. This man was a great coach and every interaction I had with him at my time there was wonderful. He is a good coach and a good leader of men. It appears someone at Chapman thought “we better look into OUR coaches after this whole Rytgers thing.” Striking a player, tossing projectiles etc is one thing, but this coach did nothing of the sort. And a coach angry after a hard loss, show me one that isn’t. This is a sad day in the Chapman Athletics Program and The Panther to see this happen to a good man, who runs a tight ship be taken down by one or two people who thought he was mean. Anger can be interpreted in many ways, for me, my passion appears as anger to some, when really my entire heart is in what I do and what is going on around me. 110% or not at all. I hope that Chapman realizes this is a bit too extreme and realizes the good he has done.

  • Wow – a college coach using profanity??! Stop the presses! Seriously, anyone who has played ANY college sports is pretty used to profanity, name-calling and the like. Every coach I have ever played for used vulgarities and calls players names when they mess up or commit errors.

    Big deal. Sticks and stones and all that. It’s part of sports. Put on your big-girl panties and deal with it (and I can say that because I’m a woman…).

  • How one sided can an article be? What do you teach your “reporters”? Where is the other side to the story. If you did your research, you would find a number of ex Chapman players coming to the aid of Coach T. Ask the AD or Dodie how many have contacted the administration in this matter on the side of T.

    Where are the facts that Newman quite the team after being caught breaking team rules and lying to his teammates? How many games has Coach T ever been kicked out by a umpire.? One, in my four years of watching every game the team played in my sons’s time in baseball at Chapman.

    My son has fond memories of his experience under Coach T. Was he yelled at? Cursed during practice? Of course. Now see him traverse the outside world. He will tell you that his time at Chapman gave him those tools, and some of them came from Coach T.

    Let’s see the other side of the story with a little more depth into the whole situation.

  • This is and would be one of the most unfortunate losses to the university and the future panther players if this was to go as far as getting Coach T fired. Coach T was not only the greatest coach I had played for (Baseball and Football @VPHS) but also a master at bringing out true potential for an individual and a team. This article is definitely very one sided and i hope that anyone that reads this article and reads this comment that is in support of Coach T will go to this Link on facebook and show your support…

  • I played for Coach T at Villa Park high school and he was instrumental in getting me a football scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania and The Wharton School of Business. Coach T was one of the most motivating, inspiring and determined coaches I’ve ever had in my life. I made it a point to catch up with him at least once a year, something I don’t do with anyone else because he meant that much to me and because I’ve always had the upmost respect for him and what he stands for. I’m still in contact with a lot of my former teammates and we always joke how we would have ran through a brick wall for Coach T, we was loved by many. We recently had a football alumni game and we all made it a special point to personally invite Coach T out because we all wanted to see him.

    He taught so many things about competing and dealing with adversity that have translated into a successful career after my playing days were over. Coach T, is an amazing coach and he easily got the most out of me as an athlete and as a man.

  • This article is ridiculously one-sided. Coach Tereschuk has mentored hundreds of players who would gladly offer a different view of him. Coach T is an excellent coach and great man. While his record speaks for itself, I, along with countless others, can attest to his leadership qualities and the profoundly positive effect he has had on his players’ lives. Do some research before you post another “article” like this.

  • This is a terrible article. Coach T is a phenomenal coach and one of the best coaches I have had the honor to play for. He taught me many things about baseball but mostly how to be mentally tough and excel in the face of pressure. If you think that profanity should get a coach fired, then every coach across the nation should be fired. Anyone ever heard of Augie Garrido? This just shows how weak-minded some individuals are that can’t handle criticism. Over Coach T’s long career, he gets a complaint from someone who frankly wasn’t good, didnt get to play, and was only around for one year. Great resources The Panther Online. How about interviewing the players who have been positively influenced by Coach T, which is every player other than the 3 or so who complained. The Panther Online and their “credible resources” should be embarrassed of themselves. What a joke.

  • This article is ridiculously one sided. It also borders on slander and should be immediately removed. Coach T is a wonderful motivator and instills a great work ethic in all of his players. He preaches important values that players apply to their lives well after they graduate Chapman. As a four year starter at Chapman University I would gladly volunteer an interview for The Panther Online. A reporter of the news such as The Panther Online should not have its main source on a story of this magnitude be from a person that only experienced one year of Coach T’s program. A credible news source should use facts and quotes from players that have played for Coach T for the entirety of their collegiate careers. I am sure that The Panther Online contains the capabilities to find at least one player that has experienced four years of Chapman University Baseball to provide perspective on a collegiate carrer with Coach T. Coach T has been coaching at Chapman for 10 years and for The Panther Online to use sources that have little to no experience with Coach T clearly shows bias and/or an inability to properly report on news stories. If The Panther Online is unable to gather credible sources for stories of great magnitude then the University should consider placing a suspension on The Panther Online until it deems the paper capable of reporting true stories.

  • All I can say is: “Kids today.”

    You mean a dude in sports says bad words and snaps at his players when they suck?


    I fear for the future. In the immortal words of Jimmy Dugan, “There’s no crying in baseball.” Take note.

  • I agree. As a Chapman Alum and journalist myself, using an ex disgruntled player as your source is bad journalism. His record speaks for itself. If Chapman wants to grow up and play with the big boys we need winning coaches who are passionate about the game, and teaching young men.

  • I was recruited by Coach Tom come to come and play for the Panthers a few years ago. He is a great guy to be with on and off the field. However, I did notice he is a “yeller” which most coaches are nowadays. There isn’t a problem with yelling and screaming at a player; although, coming from a players view point, it does get old after a few years. When I went to a few practices I noticed Coach Tom didn’t have a problem yelling at his players in front of me and other recruits. On one episode when the rightfeilder misjudged a ball he ran all the way out there just to scream at him for a good 5 min. I was shocked that he did this in front of us, but at the same time I was used to it because my coaches in high school were the same way. I will admit that this did play somewhat a minor factor when I was making my decision on coming to Chapman. It just seems like to me these players were just fed up with getting screamed at the time which is understandable, even though most coaches exhibit this type of behavior so it doesn’t matter where you go to school.

  • Tom Teresschuk is one of the best coaches in the country. Getting rid of him would be a huge mistake. That player is in for a rude awakening if he thinks Coach T is the only coach in the country who cusses. This is a joke.

  • I can see both sides of the story. Being a coach myself, I know that things get heated and words may come out that shouldn’t. On the other hand, I have heard stories from other former players about things he used to do. People defending him, does it change you opinion to know that once after a game, he stood a player up, got behind him, and pretended to have anal sex with him to create a metaphor of what happened during the game? Yes, we don’t know the whole story, but you have to think there are other worse things he did besides curse.

    • anonymous

      Get real sign your name. Your a coward. Are you the author of story. Get some balls dude. Didn’t your parents teach you better then that?

  • I never played for Coach T, but my brother did(he alos coached with him the last few years @ Chapman), so I know how Tom can be sometimes.. .

    Regardless, Coach T is a WINNER, plain and simple.. . he’s the kind of coach you want to play for!

  • I was coached by Coach T at Villa Park High School. I would like it to be known that he was not only a fantastic coach but great friend to his players. He was always there for all of us & never did anything to bring us down. He taught us life lessons & how to be men… on and off the field.

    When I was a freshman my father was diagnosed with a muscle disease. Coach T was my shoulder to cry on & the first person to take me aside & ask how I was doing and if there was anything he could do. Throughout my four years at VP he never forgot & always followed up with me, even going as far as showing up to my church when he hadn’t seen me in a while to make sure I was doing okay.

    These allegations are absurd & I don’t believe any of it. Please consider my comments as well as the comments above before the conclusion of your investigation and open up to the real Tom Terechuk

  • I want to applaud the writer of this story for reaching out to some of us regarding our support for coach T. She is planning on doing a follow up story to get the “other” side of the story.

    • It’s too bad she apparently misrepresented Mr.Newman (see his comments below), mangled his words, and did not write the ‘other’ side of the story along side her current one. Having done so would have been proper journalism with integrity in her work, however, publishing this article without more than a ‘no comment’ (which is expected) from the source and getting multiple colleagues’ thoughts for the ‘other’ side is shameful. This also raises tension for any time between such ‘other side’ article as we are seeing now. Therefore, while the story about the suspension is of course true, the reporter should be held accountable and possibly reprimanded herself for breaking a story, which is jeopardizing a man’s life and career, that contains falsified information and quotes (per Michael Newman’s response below), only one source that is anonymous, and having no sources for the ‘other’ side. Since their was no professional, journalistic effort on such a big issue, she should have just stated the facts of the suspension instead of raising tension without a proper article. I am glad, however, it provided awareness to alumni and students so that they could get involved.

  • Having been at Chapman when he coached there, and at Villa Park High School when he was coaching there, I can honestly say I have never heard anyone complain about Coach T. In fact, all of his players I’ve known have been very fond of him. I can not speak to these specific allegations, however I firmly believe that whether they are true or not it is of no importance. This is not something that should be considered a serious offense. Using profanity would be a serious problem if he were coaching 9 year olds, he’s not! I’ve got news for you, there are things that are both acceptable and commonplace in a type A, high testosterone, highly competitive atmosphere that would be unacceptable in other facets of society. This is not a bad thing, far from it! The drive and motivation that comes from this highly charged atmosphere leads to a little thing called discipline, and you pick up another thing called camaraderie along the way. As for Mr. Anonymous’ taking what was certainly a lewd gesture that evoked more laughs than gasps and adding a lascivious bent to it, I’d say NO it does not change my mind. Try losing a bet to my friends and get a taste for what it means to be a man in the company of other men. THAT, by the way, is what is missing here. Our society has it’s own rites of passage into manhood, one of which is getting enough dressings-down when you are young to develop the hardness necessary for life. I’m sure there are people that will have a problem with that reality, but you do kids no favors by coddling them up until the point they get sent out to stand on their own two feet. I’ll tell you this Coach T’s players are leaving Chapman far more prepared for the realities that face them then all the theatre majors are. One last thought, you want to write a real story, write about how it’s impossible to get a failing grade in a theatre class if it’s your major. From what I understand, you’ll get an A as long as you show up consistently.

  • Mark Gilbert, You sir hit the nail on the head!! Everything in your post is exactly how I feel and how I teach my kids what real life is going to be like once out of college. I have had 2 of my sons with Coach T and they have had nothing but great experiences with him. He is an old school hard nose coach that knows how to get the best out of the strong and competitive that will help his team WIN, because ultimately that is the point of all competitive sports.
    It is too bad that that this whole process was started by a parent/parents who refuse to let their son grow up and handle himself and his problems like the adult he is. It is a sad sign of our current society that young adults still find themselves running to mommy and daddy when they don’t get their way or they get their little feelings hurt.
    It’s time to grow up son. That is the advice this player should have received from his parents!

    Coach T we got your back! You are the best and your record shows it! Thank you for all you have done for my sons and I fully expect to see you back on the field moving this team into the playoffs and another championship run!

    • I agree with Tom. As the parent of a former 4-year player, I witnessed first-hand how Coach T’s style worked to motivate his players. Sure yelling and screaming may not be politically correct these days but these are young men -not t-ballers. Coach T taught valuable life lessons and always got the most out of his players.
      My son would have been horrified if I ever sent a letter complaining about his coach – or any of his teachers. The university is over-reacting by letting this suspension carry on. It is time to get him back to coaching his team.
      I stand in support of Coach T and wish him a speedy return.


  • I believe that all the players that hate on Coach T are the ones that did not start or even walk on the field. Being a former player for Coach T at Villa Park High School (football), I can tell you that he is a very outspoke, strong, passionate coach, and all he cares about is the W. What is wrong with that? Coach T in my eyes is one of the best coaches in this Nation. Hands Down! People say “no matter if you win or lose always try your best… ” well that is something losers say! I believe coach T would agree.

  • I had Coach T as my football coach at Villa Park High School my senior year and understand his heated passion for sports. The man lives sports, he lives coaching, he has passion in his heart for the game and the athletes partaking. Who doesn’t curse? Who hasn’t had a coach who cursed? It’s sports, it’s competition, it’s emotional and Coach T”s emotions embody what a coach should be, what everyone in any occupation should be. Our senior year football team was the closest squad I had ever been on, we all fought for each other, we all stood up for each other, we were all friends, and this is all due to Coach T. We saw his dedication to us and the sport so we gained a sense of pride and a will to never quit. Coach T is and will always be my favorite coach.

  • I am writing in this column because I was misrepresented in my interview regarding Coach Tom Tereschuk. I have not been a part of the Chapman baseball program since the fall of 2010. I played one year under Coach T and never was I a victim or had felt victimized by Coach T. The quotes in the article portray me as slandering him as a coach and my feeling towards the situation could not be more contradictory. I am not in any way connected to the events that are now transpiring in the Chapman Baseball program. I respect Coach T as not only a passionate but also an inspiring coach. I told of my one year with the program during the interview and implored that the article contain quotes from players who had been in the program for four years because they have better insight into Coach T’s coaching style and integrity. I believe that my interview should not have been as heavily relied upon and that a player who had played for T for longer would have been a much better source to cite. That being said, I do not stand against Coach T in these allegations. Repeatedly during my interview I maintained that I did not believe Coach T to be abusive but was instilling a sense of accountability and motivation in his players including myself. The allegations do not reflect my feelings and attitude towards Coach T. He is an incredible coach and has been fostering ballplayers and men of integrity and high moral conduct for over 30 years in Orange County. It is my hope that he will continue to coach and teach at Chapman University.

    –Michael Newman

    • Ms. Ferrine quoted you in her article as saying, “if he was caught doing what he did, he would have been fired a long time ago.” Is this a misquote? People’s lives can be changed unfairly when allegations are thrown out to the public without care, Michael. Apologies need to be extended to Coach T , his players and his family.

  • It’s embarrassing that a COLLEGE ATHLETE whines to the President of the University when a highly decorated Coach uses a few bad words. Are we in third grade? The players that can’t handle a few harsh words should join the band or shut up. College athletes whining about profanity???? Jesus Christ

  • This article is an absolute joke. It’s pretty clear that there is zero credibility to it, considering the fact that the main source used retracted all of his statements. The fact that Coach T is even being investigated is a travesty. Get your facts straight before you try to ruin a great man’s career.

  • Chapman University, put this insanity to bed. I am shocked that a man (coach) at your institution of academic & athletic achievement is being crucified under such vague & ridiculous accusations. I am a fan of the baseball program & watched my nephew grow as a TEAM player as well as a Human Being under the tutelage of Coach T. I hope the Powers that be will make a swift & intelligent decision to reinstate Coach T ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Chapman Baseball Team needs their leader, mentor, counselor & teacher.

  • This is the biggest load of crap I have ever seen and the university should be ashamed for placing Coach T on leave. I played football under coach T for several years at VPHS; in my 11 years of playing I’ve never had a better coach. Coach T was a great motivator and he truly cares about his players. He yelled when he coached, but that was how he got us motivated for the games… And it worked. I never met a coach that took do much time out of his own schedule to do something fun for the team. Every week he edited the seasons film into a highlight reel. Playing for him was fun and a great learning experience. I wish he woulda been the head football coach. Your school is lucky to have him and you’re pathetic for how you’re handling this case!

  • It’s too bad this journalist apparently misrepresented Mr.Newman (see his comments below), mangled his words, and did not write the ‘other’ side of the story along side her current one. Having done so would have been proper journalism with integrity in her work, however, publishing this article without more than a ‘no comment’ (which is expected) from the source and getting multiple colleagues’ thoughts for the ‘other’ side is shameful. This also raises tension for any time between such ‘other side’ article as we are seeing now. Therefore, while the story about the suspension is of course true, the reporter should be held accountable and possibly reprimanded herself for breaking a story, which is jeopardizing a man’s life and career, that contains falsified information and quotes (per Michael Newman’s response below), only one source that is anonymous, and having no sources for the ‘other’ side. Since their was no professional, journalistic effort on such a big issue, she should have just stated the facts of the suspension instead of raising tension without a proper article. I am glad, however, it provided awareness to alumni and students so that they could get involved.

  • Dear anonymous current player,

    Did you ever consider going directly to the source, Coach T , with your complaint of vulgarity? Why involve your parents with issues that affect you and your teammates? Unfortunately, your allegations have resulted into the quick deterioration of a mans reputation. Was this the result you were after? Are you getting more play time now ?

  • What a bunch of weak minded individuals. Next thing you know, drill instructors in the armed forces will have to say please and thank you. What a joke! These are adults not kids playing tee ball! Grow up ya bunch of wimps! Life is gonna kick your ass and guess what, you won’t get up cause your WEAK minded…

  • All Kate did was report the facts.

    Don’t crucify the messenger. I’m more concerned about the Panther student body’s ability to differentiate between what is fact and opinion.

    • Wow, reread the article and then reread it because you are obviously missing the point of this report.
      FACT: The Coach has been suspended. The purpose of the article is to inform its readers of this.

      At what point does Kate infer an opinion that Coach was a bad guy? She interviews someone whom is a credible source (FACT: Newman played baseball under Coach T) in order to dig deeper as to why he was suspended.

      I have no dog in the fight when it comes to Coach T, although, I hate to see someone’s reputation tarnished for the wrong reasons. Hence, why I’m defending the writer of this article and not the coach nor players.

      I understand that many of you see this as one-sided, however, the article seeks to present only the facts that are immediately relevant. I am sure the Panther will provide a follow up article defending Coach T.

      • CISCO, what the reporter failed to report was that Newman lied to Tereschuk and his teammates and thought it was ok to miss a practice to “work on a project” when in fact he was attending a fraternity meeting. He “quit” later that year and joined a fraternity. The writer tried to report on the story but picked disgruntled players to interview.

  • Coach T is one of the best coaches/teachers/motivators I have ever had the opportunity to play for which includes a 7 year professional baseball career. This article along with the allegations are ludicrous brought on by spoiled children who couldn’t cut it on the baseball field and are looking for someone to blame for their shortcomings. This story is flat out sickening!

    • And to clarify that wasn’t a shot at the reporter just the fact that the university has taken these steps. Hopefully after an investigation the university will realize they have a first class winner and first class human being leading their baseball team.

  • There is much to be said about not bringing the reporter into this directly but it is she who wrote the words that cast an unfair narrative upon the investigation, not the sources that she chose to include. There is some blame to be shed her way for this and I think it’s wrong to write it off as “reporting the story to the people” when the report itself speaks more as an editorial than news piece due to the sources chosen to be included.

    Now maybe there’s an unfair narrative on her part with the Editor helping to shape this article, or maybe not, there’s no point in playing the game of throwing out broad generalizations because that’s what lead us here int he first place. Baseball Mom said it best in that “People’s lives can be changed unfairly when allegations are thrown out to the public without care…”.

    The Panther clearly didn’t know how big of a deal this was going to turn into when they posted the article and thought that this was another “resume builder” piece that would have 0 comments and be seen by even less. As the most credible source of news on campus quoting an extremely unreliable source who, when the going gets tough cowers away from their statements, is not professional for any news reporting outlet no matter how big or small.

    When a potential life’s work is being called into question, I hope that there is much more care put into the follow up article I have been informed Ms Ferrin is writing using credible sources that will stand by their opinion, whether negative or positive, and not have their parents write an anonymous letter to the university speaking of the profanity and their distaste for it.

    The minute NCAA athletics begins to cater to the individualistic needs of one self-serving parent and player who feels that the university exists to serve them in the way that they seem fit is the day that NCAA athletics has lost its place in higher education. Athletics, while being fun and fulfilling to players and fans, exists as a teaching tool to better the student athletes that CHOOSE to participate. The accusers seem to have lost sight of this and do not deserve to be called Chapman Panthers or NCAA Athletes, IMO.


    • Please excuse my poor use of HTML. In other news, The Panther should also support rich use of HTML in comments rather than boxing coding into illiterate jargon.

  • Coach T does not deserve to lose his job, he deserves a medal for all the lives that he has impacted on and off the field. He is a true motivator and the definition of a leader. He was the first coach on the football field and the last one to leave the campus. Coach T put VPHS on the Map and completely turned Chapman Baseball into a winning program. Yes, you can hear him screaming from the 22 fwy when you drive by Hart Park, but he does it with the intention to make his players better. This guy is huge inspiration and a game changer.

  • I played for Coach T when I was at Chapman. He was our Offensive Coordinator before he was named the Baseball Team’s Head Coach. The man has passion for his job, of course when there were mess ups you would hear comments from him like you would from any other coach. Anyways, I enjoyed playing for him and wished all my coaches had the same passion as he does. I would play for him again any given day. A brilliant coach that unfortunately now has pussy players.

  • Better/Correct Articles (unlike the one above from the journalist):

    I hope the Journalist and professors assisting in this article read the articles above. Those are factual based articles explaining the situation and not misrepresenting it. The Panther Online/Newspaper has been misrepresenting students and faculty for a long time, but since its a College newspaper it’s not a big deal (they have been in trouble for it before). On a more important topic, however, improper journalism has this kind of negative impact. I can only hope the journalist reads these articles and takes her mistakes to heart with an apology.

  • I am the parent of a player who was priveleged to play baseball for Coach T at Villa Park Highschool for 4 years. I am appalled at these alleged allegations. I am truly honored to say “my son played for Coach T” and in no way agree with these accusations. Coach T’s former players from 10 to 12 years ago are still in contact with & support him. He’s more then just a coach. It’s too bad some people feel the need to attempt to ruin his reputation and career. Coach T…you will be back on your field, were you belong in no time. We support you 100% and are going to do EVERYTHING in our power to turn this in the other direction. Just imagine how many more people will know who Coach T is when this all blows over!!

  • It should be noted that this article was written about a week after Coach T was already on leave. Had the article not been written, I highly doubt that a facebook page with over 400 fans of Coach T’s would have been created and this story would have gone “under the radar”. She has since reached out to supporters of Coach T to write “the other side of the story”. And while maybe that should have been done on the front end, she should not be condemed for doing what she did. Without her, it would not have given us this platform to stand on.

    • Completely agree the article had every right to be written and if I were a reporter looking for attention, credit, a good grade, and spotlight, I would have written it as well. It’s not the article being written that is causing the angry part of the stir. It’s the fact that sources are saying they are misrepresented, it’s not presenting the other side simultaneously, and not doing proper due diligence with a person’s life/carreer on the line. Because of this, the outcry has come forth. I applaud her for bringing it to the student’s attention, which did help create the following, however, a lot of the following is angry at the deceit and shortsightedness of the article instead of reallying behind or fighting against the cause.

      The two professional articles posted clearly, unbiasly (I know the student was not biased, but presenting only one side leads to that), and honestly portray the situation. They acknowledge what Coach T is banned for, site the anonymous souce, explain the misquoting, explain the quoted source’s background as possible bias, show Coach T’s accolades and contain other exerpts….how it ought to be.

      However, writing the story the way she did deserves backlash and investigation. If there were misquotes as the source sites….there should be punishment as the message conveyed to the public from that source was falsified, which leads to slander. This has happened before to students who misquote athletes at Chapman, but again, this is bigger news.

      I hope you see this point and impact due to the lack of due diligence by not only the author, but the editor and professor. Again, it is a big story to write and has every right to be written, it was just executed very poorly, unporfessionally, and possibly illegally per the misquotes.

  • Ok having played for “abusive” coaches in the past…..How soft do you have to be? Cussing? Are you kidding me? These are 18-22 year old men…..not boys in the eyes of the law. Yeah rutgers had a problem, but profanity is not going anywhere. Some of the best coaches i have ever had dropped the f bomb every other word. Gain a little testosterone and act like a young man! Show a little pride, act hard nosed, and play the game the right way…….If bad words really hurt your feelings that much, your not cut out to play sports AT ANY LEVEL…..

  • Not only am I disappointed in the player/parent that found the need to report this ridiculous situation to Administration. I am equally disappointed in Chapman Administration/HR for acting on this investigation and putting Coach Tereschuk and his family through this horrible humiliation. Coach T. has brought quality student athletes to the University every year . Many of these students would of never selected Chapman University without this man. STOP focusing on this negative incident and look at the over all man and what he has to offer our students. NOBODY can step into his role and earn the respect of players, coaches, parents and community the way he has. We stand behind Coach Tereschuk 100% it is now time for Chapman Administration/HR to do the same!!

  • My son has played for coach T. since 2000, his freshman year @ Villa Park HS. He graduated from Chapman in 08 and was an All-American basenball player @ CU and was drafted by the Milw. Brewers that year. We think that coach T. is an outstanding coach and an even better human being. If you need more background on coach T. feel free to contact me any time. My son’s name is also Mike Vass Jr.
    my home number is 714-998-1778.
    Michael J. Vass sr.

  • From the lyrics of “Bye Bye Birdie”

    We love you Coach T
    Oh, yes we do
    We love you Coach T
    and we’ll be true
    When you’re not near us
    we’re blue
    Oh, Coach T we love you!

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