Concert draws intimate crowd

Last year’s fall concert, featuring 3OH!3 drew around 1,000 attendees. This semester, UPB presold 300 tickets.

Photos by Adam Ottke

Less than 500 students attended University Program Board’s (UPB) California Love concert at The Grove in Anaheim Saturday.

The concert was smaller than UPB’s previous concerts, including last year’s 3OH!3 concert, which drew 1,000 attendees.

The opening act, The Hindu Pirates, was stalled as ticket holders didn’t amount to enough bodies to make up an audience.

Small clusters of students sat on the carpeted floor and waited for the concert to begin.

The Hindu Pirates appeared on stage 45 minutes later.

Justine Zahara, a first year graduate student, said she enjoyed The Hindu Pirates performance.

“I thought they were really good actually. I think they sounded like Kings Of Leon,” she said.

The Hindu Pirates are based in Huntington Beach. They started their band four years ago when the five members, Austin Ferreira (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Casey Snyder (guitar), Derek Bostelman (bass), Ben Tinsley (drums) and Giuseppe LoBasso (guitar) were in high school.

Ferreira said he enjoyed performing at The Grove.

“The stage is really cool in this venue. The sound is really good,” he said.“[The crowd] was cool. It wasn’t giant, but everyone was having fun.”

By the time The Expendables hit the stage, the crowd had grown, but barely filled the front of the stage.

The Expendables are based in Santa Cruz, Calif., and are known for opening for the band Slightly Stoopid in 2007.

Students like Sarah Herzog, a freshman art major, hugged the stage throughout the performance, raising their hands and cheering.

“I wasn’t sure at first, but I liked them. They were more rock than The Hindu Pirates,” Herzog said.

Once the band finished, audience members clustered together waiting for Best Coast, the concert headliner. Best Coast began in Los Angeles in 2009. The band members consist of Bethany Cosentino (lead vocals and guitar) and Bobb Bruno (guitar).

Cheers erupted in The Grove as Best Coast began setting up its equipment.

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“I can take my sunglasses off when there are a lot less people,” Bethany Cosentino said to the crowd.

Sam Schoemker, a film production major, had been looking forward to Best Coast’s performance.

“I think they definitely earned being the headliner of this concert,” Schoemker said. “This is the kind of show that could have had a lot of people. But it is nice to be in the front. I say more people should have come. They missed out.”


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