Debunking Mormon myths

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More than religion was discussed in the Wallace All Faiths Chapel Tuesday night when public opinion pollster Gary Lawrence spoke to students, staff and members of the community on eight misconceptions of the Mormon religion.

Lawrence capitalized on how the beliefs of this religion, which presidential candidate Mitt Romney affiliates with, would affect Romney’s potential presidency and leadership. The event was sponsored by Chapman’s Latter-Day Saint Student Association (LDSSA), the J. Reuben Clark Law Society and the Orange LDS Institute of Religion.

“If Mitt Romney is elected, he will not be a Mormon president,” Lawrence said. “He will be a president that is Mormon.”

First year law student Boyd Johnson, who is Mormon, said Romney wears his religion on his sleeve and that is why so many people feel the need to analyze how it would play into his presidency.

“Romney is the Republican nominee because he has worked hard and there was no one better in the GOP elections,” Johnson said. “He has a track record of solving problems and that has nothing to do with his religion. There are plenty of lazy Mormons out there too.”

Daniel Cuevas, a member of the Orange community and messenger for attended the lecture in hopes of questioning Lawrence’s beliefs with his own.

Though Cuevas supports Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate, he said he does not agree with how Lawrence portrayed the Mormon religion and said Lawrence failed to answer his questions on the fundamentals of the religion.

Cuevas was referring particularly to one of Lawrence’s eight misconceptions of Mormonism, which stated that some people say Mormon’s are not Christian.

“Yes I’d rather have Romney than Obama. He’s going to govern,” he said. “ But he [Lawrence] can’t come and speak without being willing to answer questions about the foundation of his religion. He can’t say he is Christian because he does not have the same values as the bible. Mormon is an anti-Christian religion.”

The purpose of the lecture was not to change the minds of anyone in attendance, Lawrence said, but more for self-reflection.

“I do not have the intention of converting anyone,” he said. “My intention is to put facts on the table and allow people to judge whether or not our beliefs are still weird with the evidence we provide.”


  1. Mormons aren’t Christians
  2. Mormons have added to The Bible
  3. Mormons practice polygamy
  4. Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are brothers
  5. Mormons do weird things in temples
  6. Mormons wear magic underwear
  7. Mormons get their own planets and become gods
  8. Mormons want political power to try to force people to convert

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  • Olivia, thank you for your article and for quoting me.

    I’d love to debunk what Mr. Cuevas said, however, in that the Mormon faith is completely a Christian faith. We believe in Jesus Christ, we believe that He suffered for our sins and that only through him we can be saved. While doctrinal nuances of difference exist between Mormonism and other faiths, there is more that unites The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with other Christian religions than divides them.

    Also a point to consider: consider an Anti-Catholic organization, or an Anti-Sikh organization. Ever found one? Who in their right mind would be an activist to debunk the sincere religious beliefs of over 13 million people? In my person opinion, anti-Mormon groups do more to defame their own name and identity while trying to defame ours.


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