Panther Productions partners with KCET

KCET is now airing student-produced television shows and live coverage of Chapman events.

President Jim Doti and trustee Kristina Dodge’s television talk show, “Dialogue With Doti and Dodge,” will be broadcast on KCET along with several Panther Productions shows. Courtesy Dialogue With Doti and Dodge

Chapman partnered with public television station KCET Nov. 12 to begin broadcasting live arts and cultural events and original videos produced by Panther Productions. The first segment will cover the 49th Annual Holiday Wassail concert performed by the university choirs and orchestra.

Panther Productions is a part of the Strategic Marketing and Communications department at Chapman and creates videos for television, internet promotions, programs and coverage of live events.

Chris Bright, a junior creative producing major and crew member and editor for Panther Productions, is excited about the partnership because of the publicity and viewership Panther Productions will acquire through KCET’s approximate 2 million viewers each month.

“By putting our stuff on KCET we will have a lot of devoted viewers seeing the strengths not only of the performing arts here at Chapman, but the media arts,” Bright said. “It’s a great opportunity to get other people aware of Panther Productions and Chapman and get our foot in the door with the business.”

KCET, the largest public independent television station, approached Chapman about the agreement. Neither Chapman nor KCET are paying each other and the partnership does not involve a consistent schedule of broadcasts, said Pamela Ezell, director and senior producer of Panther Productions.

“We are talking about a lot of different ways to collaborate,” Ezell said. “They are interested in student films and documentaries, as well as our live events.”

Al Jerome, president and chief executive officer of KCET, said he is eager to begin the partnership with Chapman because he is impressed by the developing progress of the students at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts involved in Panther Productions.

“The student body, staff and alumni are all producing very good work and we want to exhibit it on our station,” Jerome said. “We want to utilize Panther Productions to collaborate with us on joint programming of events, production series, fundraising and internship opportunities.”

There is not an established schedule for broadcasts yet, but the Wassail Concert will air on KCET Dec. 19 at 8 p.m., with repeats on Dec. 20, 1:30 pm, Dec. 23, 4:30 p.m., and Dec. 24, at 2 p.m. There will also be four hour-long programs featuring the student film festival, “Fine Cut” broadcast in January.

Ezell said there is an open-ended agreement with KCET and she hopes this is the start of a long partnership with benefits for both organizations.

“We’d like to see other live performance events on KCET such as our dance concerts, American Celebration, and similar performances,” Ezell said. “KCET is also very interested in student films: animated, narrative and documentaries.”

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