Sandhu vandalized

Public Safety and Residence Life are on the lookout for suspects involved in two alleged hate incidents on campus over the past two weeks.

Randy Burba, chief of Public Safety, said a hate crime and a hate incident are two different things. A hate crime is a crime that is committed against someone because of hate that would affect the person. A hate incident is where someone might graffiti or say a more broad, derogatory term or phrase.

Burba said this amount of hate incidents is out of the ordinary.

“This is fairly rare. We have a really good community here,” Burba said. “I usually only see maybe a couple a year.”

The first incident occurred on the third floor of Sandhu Residence Hall Sept. 14. The comment was discovered directly next to room 324, by the room number sign, just after midnight by a Sandhu resident. A security camera captured the student leaving her room and returning 15 minutes later to find the word “pussy” written on the wall in permanent marker. The student reported the incident to her resident advisor, Desi Whale.

The same night, a resident found the word “faggot” graffitied on one of the main wall doors on the third floor of Sandhu, which houses the Arts Initiative Learning Living Community. The incident was reported to Residence Life.

The resident advisors and resident director of Sandhu declined to comment on the situation.

However, Morgan Lunsford, a sophomore dance major, and Makayla Corpus, a sophomore health science major, said their RA held a meeting Wednesday to try to find any possible suspects or information from the residents.

“My RA was really worked [up] about it,” Lunsford said.

Corpus and Lunsford said they have not heard of any leads regarding who might have been responsible for the comments.

Burba said Public Safety was unaware of the incident.

“It was probably kept at an RA level,” Burba said. “This is probably considered a policy violation or hate incident, which would be handled within student affairs and student conduct.”

Harassing comments were not limited to the Residence Halls, however. According to the Public Safety crime log, a Chapman student posted criminal threats against a homosexual student on Facebook Thursday. However, Burba said the log was slightly inaccurate and that he remembered the incident differently.

“I only know that when I read the report, it was not directed at anyone in particular,” he said.

Lunsford said she was offended by the vandalism.

“I was offended that it was outside of my door, but mostly I think it is pretty childish,” Lunsford said regarding the first incident.

Public Safety has no suspects.

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