Senate updates: Nov. 3 meeting

Funding Requests
The Queer and Trans People of Color Collective sent two representatives to address questions that the senate had about its Oct. 27 funding request for the club’s second annual Queer and Trans Youth Holiday Giving Banquet. The collective requested $2,679.97 for catering for 150 to 200 attendees and decorations for the event, but the senate decided to partially fund the request to cover the cost of food for the event, but not decorations.

Professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi requested $1,728.51 to send members of its executive board to the Leadership Experience and Development (LEAD) School in Sacramento. The club did not send any representatives to the senate meeting, and the event was funded in full.

A $1,233 funding request from the Cross-Cultural Center for the Indigenous Voices event was denied, because the application to cover the two guests’ airfare, speaking fee and event food was submitted less than two weeks before the event, making it ineligible for funding. The request was drafted Oct. 30 and the event is Nov. 9, but Allocations Committee Chair Wil Harris said there is a possibility of waiving the two-week requirement.

Public relations amendment
The senate passed amendments to the public relations media guidelines to allow the director of public relations to waive requirements for student government branding on funded items and the logo requirements if appropriate. Prior to this amendment, it was required that the student government logo be added to all items funded by student government. The amendment also added that shirts funded by student government cannot be resold.

Compiled by Emma Reith

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