Senate updates: Sept. 8

Committee change
The University Affairs Committee and Academic Affairs Committee  combined into the University and  Academic Affairs Committee to  accommodate the smaller senate. This year, there are 16 senators, compared to 29 in previous years.

The committee’s purpose is to address student concerns about academia, and to work with departments related to transportation, housing, health, psychological services, wellness and safety.

An amendment to the Allocations Committee’s operating documents states that the chair of the committee will have voting power in the event of a tie, veto power over all committee legislation and funding requests, and will have the power to move any vote to the full senate at his or her discretion.

An amendment was also issued stating that any student approved for conference scholarship funding must be an enrolled undergraduate in good academic standing at Chapman on the date that the funded conference or event occurs.

Scholarship proposal
A proposal was made to reduce conference scholarships from $1,000 to $750. Only about 37 percent of conference scholarship requests were greater than $750 in the previous school year, said Allocations Committee Chair Wil Harris, which means that about 62 percent of requests fell below the proposed budget.

An average of $667.69 was spent on reimbursement per student, said Director of Finance Corey Snyder. Only 90 students received conference funding last year, and student government has a total of $62,000 to give for conference scholarships. This change in scholarship cap is necessary, Snyder said. About 15 students were rejected because there was no money by the end of the year.

Third-party reimbursements
Transactions made through payment methods like Venmo, PayPal and Snapcash will not be eligible for reimbursement from student  government.

Accounting Society funding requests
The Accounting Society’s total funding requests for student government amounted to more than $2,000. Student government discussed the club’s most recent request to determine why no alternative funding sources are being used, Harris said.

Compiled by Emma Reith

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