Student house damaged by fire

Students and neighbors watch as flames engulf 390 North Shaffer Street Saturday night. Firefighters battled the blaze for two hours. There were no injuries. Courtesy Kyle Chattleton

The Orange Fire Department responded to a fire Saturday night at the home of several Chapman students.

About 25 students clad in dresses, heels, button-up shirts and slacks stood huddled on the corner of Sycamore Avenue and Shaffer Street Saturday night as flames from 390 N. Shaffer St. lit up the night.

The blaze, which started around 8:30 p.m. was extinguished by 42 firefighters two hours later.

“There is extensive fire, smoke and water damage, however it is not a complete loss,” said Capt. Ian MacDonald, public information officer for Orange Fire Department.

Adam Chaves, a junior psychology major, was the only one of nine residents who was home when the house caught fire. Most other residents were at Alpha Phi’s semiformal.

Everyone in the house was safely evacuated and Chaves called the rest of the residents to inform them.

Chaves said he was in the living room when he heard the smoke detectors go off. He checked upstairs and did not see anything so he went to the basement where he saw a fire. He was unable to extinguish the fire so he called the fire department.

MacDonald said the cause of the fire is currently under investigation. It was classifeid as a second alarm fire.

MacDonald said there was heavy fire in the basement that extended to the second floor. Firefighters also had to maneuver around live power lines that were down on the north side of the house.

Other residents declined to comment.

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