Unwanted contact reported four times in a month

There have been four reports of unwanted contact on campus within a month, according to Public Safety.

There were four reports of unwanted contact on campus within a month, one reported Oct. 31, one Nov. 13, and two on Nov. 21, according to Public Safety.

The first incident was a sexual battery reported Oct. 31, when eight to 10 white males ages 13 to 15 approached a person inside Henley Hall, according to an email from Public Safety.

As the victims were entering Henley Hall, one of the males grabbed the victim’s buttocks, the email said. The victim pushed the assailants away and left the area, and also reported to Public Safety that there may have been another victim whose breast was grabbed by the suspects, according to the email.

The second incident, which was reported to Public Safety Nov. 13 but took place Nov. 4, was categorized as a sex offense in Public Safety’s daily crime log. A person in a residence hall reported that they were touched inappropriately without giving consent, according to Public Safety’s report.

In the third incident, someone grabbed a victim’s buttocks near Pralle-Sodaro Hall and rode away on a skateboard. The sexual battery was reported on Nov. 21 and took place Nov. 15, according to the crime log. It was not detailed in an email to the Chapman community because it had been reported anonymously a week after it took place, Burba wrote in a Dec. 3 email to The Panther.

The most recent incident of unwanted contact was also reported to Public Safety on Nov. 21, Public Safety wrote in an email to the Chapman community that day. A person affiliated with the university was walking near Wilkinson Hall when they were approached from behind and touched in the shoulder area by an unknown subject, the email said.

The victim pushed the subject away, and Public Safety was unable to locate him, the email said, describing his behavior as “suspicious and concerning.”

The email described the subject as male, about 5 feet 9 inches tall with a “stocky” build and wearing dark clothing with a hoodie over a baseball cap.

The Orange Police Department was notified and conducted a joint search with Public Safety.

Chief of Public Safety Randy Burba wrote in to The Panther that the subject has not been found.

Bayley McKenzie, a sophomore business administration major who was in university housing over Thanksgiving break when one of the incidents reported Nov. 21 took place, said she still feels safe on campus.

“Sexual assaults can happen anytime, anywhere, and living in fear of (an assault) is no way to live at all,” McKenzie said.

Freshman English major Elyse Runkle also said that she feels safe on campus and that Chapman’s location in the “small town” of Orange makes her feel safer.

“I think it’s great that they send out the emails so that everyone is aware of these incidents. I don’t know about other campuses, but I don’t think that that’s something that is completely universal,” said Runkle. “I feel like they’re doing a really good job. They have it as under control as much as they can.”

McKenzie does not think Public Safety should be doing anything more to keep students safe.

“I think Public Safety does a good job at always being around, especially at night. I’m very thankful for that,” she said.

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  • I see rape culture is alive and well at Chapman University. I have to watch out for those big bad men every second of my day!!!

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