An explanation for procrastination

On Wednesday, I began an important paper for my Freshman Foundation Course (FFC) that would crucially affect my final grade in the class. Sitting down at my computer, I opened the pages of my copy of “The Odyssey” from Leatherby Libraries and set about looking for textual evidence to support my non- existent thesis.

“No distractions,” I thought to myself. All of my friends were very proud of me for deciding to start my essay so early—it wasn’t due for another 20 hours.

Having received this assignment weeks ago, I had all the resources to start and finish this paper before stressfully cramming it into my Redbull-intoxicated night.

However, I still can’t bring myself to not procrastinate. Surely, my work would be 10 times better if I didn’t rhetorically justify that “I work well under pressure.” I’ve even been evading my editors to finish this column. For some reason, everything else gets so much more interesting when I finally sit down to work on an assignment.

Exploring the history of my Safari browser, the “appropriate” site list is quite shocking. And I don’t mean to say it’s shocking that I have appropriate sites in my history, it’s just baffling that I chose to learn this stuff over doing my homework.

For instance, I can’t bring myself to understand why I navigated the pages of Wookieepedia (a fan-made “Star Wars” site) to learn about the life of Aayla Secura, a Rutien Twi’lek Jedi master who died in Operation 66. Instead of writing my paper, I also went onto chat forums that discussed the possibilities of a third “Hellboy” film.

Reflecting on my procrastination outlets, I would like to point out that I don’t know the lore behind “Star Wars,” I don’t know what a Rutien Twi’lek Jedi master is, and I have never watched a “Hellboy” film. In all honesty, I think I become a nerd whenever I need to get work done. How ironic.

This isn’t a recent trend either. It was around the time when I was procrastinating constitutional rights paper during senior year that my “little secret” came out. My friends were doing research on my upstairs computer when they stumbled upon a rather confusing site. Coming clean as an “Avatar: The Last Airbender” buff was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

While I could try to argue that I suffer from multiple personality disorder and my nerd persona manifests when I’m stressed, you, Aayla Secura, and I all know that is false. With finals coming up, I really just need to get organized sooner. I could satisfy my learning urge for the fantasy worlds of games I will never play as well as complete my work on-time if I rationed out time for both activities.

I need to replace “I’ll do it later” with “I’ll do it now” so my grades don’t suffer. Plus, I don’t think that the fan-made plot of “Hellboy 3” would suffice for an answer on any one of my finals.


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