Be wary of get rich quick schemes

Illustration by Michael Lue

When something appears to be too good to be true, most of the time, it is. A rumor is spreading around Chapman that students are making a lot of money, doing a small amount of work. We want to extend a word of caution to students interested in getting involved with multi-level marketing.

Companies asking for investments and nearly free labor are making appearances on college campuses. While it is legal, the products being sold are worth a value, and while some of the students even become successful; we question the ethics behind it all.

Pyramid schemes are illegal for a reason, and the only thing keeping Vemma from becoming a pyramid scheme is the selling and buying of a tangible object with value. But when students are convinced to sign up, how many are actually interested in this product? Many are dreaming about getting paid for little effort.

After hearing of a few college students’ exaggerated stories of making thousands of dollars and driving nice cars, people are pulling out their check books to buy into a company they know little to nothing about.

The stories are true: some members will rise to the top and succeed. But companies like Vemma make their money off those who do not.

The members provide free advertising, and the promise of a job without an interview sells the products. When people sign up and don’t make their money back, it’s the same as purchasing a product for themselves—in bulk.

Just as quickly as students get caught up in the excitement of quick, easy money, they have the chance of ending up in debt with cases of energy drinks.

The ideas of fast cash, entry-level part-time jobs and open schedules appeal to college students for obvious reasons. It should be pointed out, however, to actually be successful and make money through network marketing, a lot of time must be spent recruiting others to the job. Students involved in Vemma at Chapman sometimes attend meetings once a day. School goes on the back burner. New acquaintances become business investments instead of friends.

No job is a fairytale. Multi-level marketing still requires work, but offers no financial or job security. Ask questions and do research before giving away hundreds of dollars—really consider the opportunity cost behind the risk and understand the commitment. Multi-level marketing might be legal, but take a look at the ethics before writing that check.

Read “Network marketing attracts students” in NEWS.


  • I make bank off of vemma its awesome this article is very mis informed the one who needs to do some reseach is The person who wrote this article haha

  • Best Investment I Ever Made Was In Vemma. The Only Debt I Have And Im Scared About Paying Off Is My Student Loans. Sounds Like College Is A Scam Guys There Making Money Off The People Who Can’t Find Jobs Which Is 53.6% Of Us. Do Something Different Or Have A Boss Until You Die. Your Choice.

  • Please do justice to yourself as a writer. It seems as though you did great research at Wikipedia. Great job! However there are a few corrections you may want to consider. Number 1: network marketers, specifically Vemma Brand Partners DO NOT make their money off of those who do not become successful. The business model is structured in a way that you actually will not be successful at all unless the people you involve become successful themselves. True, we do work hard but mainly on self development of ourselves on those we involve. Also, school on the back burner is a personal problem not that of a company you involve yourself in. Look, my best advice is trash this article, I’m sure BK Boreyko, Vemma Founder & CEO would be more than obliged to accommodate you with an interview or even someone like Darren Hardy, Editor of Success Magazine. But seriously, for future reference, your career will prosper if you choose your research well, trash will get you by but eventually people will begin to smell it and your career in writing will be over. At that point I’m sure you may actually wish you had started a Vemma business of your own instead of your career in slander.

    • Nicole’s reply is right on point.

      One thing to add is in regard to the comment “ending up in debt with cases of energy drinks”…. if a person does that, it is because they approached the business from a faulty perspective and absolutely didn’t follow the lead of their upline leaders.

      You purchase product as a Vemma partner for your own consumption and possibly with a few samples to share with prospective consumers. Nicole is correct in the importance of helping anyone you involve in the business, with being successful. If that doesn’t occur, you won’t become successful. People helping People.

      With regard to the products, maybe Chapman’s editor can assign a story on energy drinks. Which ones are healthy? Maybe they would discover a certain Dr. Oz drinks a half of a can of VERVE in the afternoon and calls it his favorite fatigue fighting product.

      Regarding the professor’s comment about once you tried one MLM you won’t ever try another one; I wonder if possibly he is talking about himself. He doesn’t reference any study that says such a thing.

      True, there have been many SCAM MLM companies; however, Amway, Herbalife, Pre Paid Legal are a few public companies that have proven to be very successful companies.

      The people who FAIL in legitimate companies like Vemma, fail because of not learning the correct way to build a business. Maybe they got in because they thought it was a GET RICH QUICK situation. It is not.

      It IS called NetWORK Marketing….for a reason……it is work. It is not Easy….but , it is WORTH it if you set goals and believe in the products, and learn from your upline mentors.

      • How would you define “success” in a “business” that you don’t even sell the product?! You are basically a recruiter, recruiting recruiters! And for a recruiter to be allowed to recruit, they have to buy in. That buy in pays the people above (WAY more to the people WAY above). This is defined as a pyramid, just sticking a product in there, that you don’t really sell, just consume, makes it legal.

        • The people WAY above who are well payed are the same people who took Vemma seriously and trained the people below them. You should also so a little research on how Vemma’s system of Multi VOLUME Marketing(different than Multi level marketing) works. The payment can actually skip any amount if investors who have not built their business correctly, so it is only the people who educate themselves and work hard that make the money. My Vemma group uses the phrase “stay close to the fire”, which keeps any new recruits connected with the people who know what they are doing. We strive to teach EVERYONE how to succeed, and our first and formost goal is to get us, and anyone below us, to at least receive their shipment of Vemma product for free. This system alone has aloud Vemma to expand at such a rate in my home city to likes of which the company has never seen before yet.

          • No, the people at verve making money are the ones who sit down and look in the mirror and say, “I’m cool with bringing this recruiting scam into a new area”

            here’s a hint: If you don’t have any actual retail customers, and all the product being moved is to new marketers and recruiters, it’s a scam. It skirts the legal definition of a pyramid scam, but it still works just like one.

    • The reason that it’s one step away from a pyramid scheme is that the product is a distant second to recruiting people. I was falt out told during a pitch that you don’t even need to sell the product. They told me the best way to make money is recruit people below you to make money. So, it will work well for those people at the top who get dozens of suckers to join in. But, after those suckers pump in hundreds of dollars and aren’t able to find enough of their own people to join then they might keep trying for a little while, all the while paying for their monthly product and making no money. Eventually this people will leave and then the next level will leave and so on. I’m not saying it’s not working for some people now, all pyramid schemes have to have some people succeed or their would be no draw but, given some more time the concept will collapse as this companies compensation relies on recruiting people. So, it will either collapse on it’s own or shut down by the Courts or the Government. If this company was actually legit and wanted to pay people to represent their brand, every brand rep would be required to do x amount of hours of networking or product demonstrations/handouts a month and the reps would be given a minimum payment for their time, even if it didn’t equal the purchase of their monthly product they’d be getting something for their time as advertisers. But instead they simply tell you to recruit more people into this unsustainable business model. Again, how can a business survive where the focus is not on the product? Sure they do sell some product of course, I mean you can buy it on the website, the internet almost sells it for you, but at its core its simply a pyramid scheme that hasn’t collapsed yet because of the internet, 30 years ago this would never have lasted more than a few years.

    • You should really look up your founder and ceo’s past company hahaha he was found in violation of the united states federal law by the federal trade commission. Benson boreyko was the founder of a company almost identical to his new scheme vemme. Until that is he carefully considered it was in the best interest to merge/join/ create vemme since this company was being prosecuted by the federal trade commission. This company was known as New Vision International Inc. Why don’t you look up some of the history of the people you give hundreds, potentially thousands to. This company, vemme, is by definition of Canadian law an illegal pyramid scheme and the law/people will eventually catch up and the company will be shut down just like boreyko’s last company. and by the way the comoanys only profitable income are from “partners” who do not breqk even. That fact is clear as day since selling the energy drinks is not required nor recommended. Where is the income coming from unless it is from those who cannot break even? And on top of everything else you are paying an outlandish amount of money for basically kool-aid with a couple vitamins.

  • I undertand everyone is entitled to their own opinions but instead of the writer of this article telling others to do more research maybe they should follow their own advice and research the company before bashing it. This is not a get rich acheme happening the product truly work ! You are not forced into becoming a brand partner but why not … I started with just taking the products and has changed my life and got my toddler off his breathing treatments. There is research behind the product and is giaranteed to work if not you get your money back ! If this was a pyramid scheme then the NBA, Dr.Oz . Chris Powell and many others are lying too ! I challenge you to take the vitamin for 30 days . The money is a perk but getting people off crap drinks or pills that won’t work is the best part . We are changing lives and not settling for average, mediocre and working until retirement !

    • Having an nba player, dr oz, and Chris Powell means absolutely nothing. Enzyite did the same thing. Maybe you should do more research. [removed]

        • I encourage everyone to read this piece when confronting these pro-scheme shills. They engage in allof these logical fallacies to defend their stance. The most common ones seem to be argumentum ad nauseam (repetitious argument, regardless of content) and argumentum ad verecundiam (appeal to authority, .i.e, Dr. Oz, NBA, etc.)


          The sooner you understand these fallacies, the sooner you can spot hucksters.

    • It’s funny how everyone that supports Vemma Works for them, and you all say the EXACT SAME [removed].

      • Because its true lol.were all making money. But were all created equal so why am I succeeding and your not. Then again its not for anyone who doesnt want it.

  • I’m 37 years old and in just 4 months I’m making almost $2,500/month sharing Vemma’s products with my friends. …and I’ve gotten to this point working just 8-10 extra hours per week (in other words…part time). I find it funny how you criticize something you obviously know nothing about…Making Money. If you look at some of the wealthiest people on this planet they are paid based on “performance” and the “results” they get. …not on a salary or hourly wage.

    Vemma isn’t for everyone. It’s not for the person who wants to be told what to do for the next 50 years of their life, show up to work from 8-5 every day, hate it and complain the entire time, do minimal work and get paid an hourly wage or salary for it. …oh, and thinks they are entitled to a RAISE every year simply because they “put in the time”. …paying people based on “putting in the time” and not on performance is the most unethical way to do business on the planet. And it should be made ILLEGAL! …and that’s what is wrong with 97% of this country. They all want handouts! Which is probably why only 3% of the people in this country own 97% of the wealth…and why 97% of America is “B-R-O-K-E”

    Vemma is for people who stand up to the status quo and say, “I’m worth more than $10/hour. I’m worth more than $50/hour. I’m worth more than $75,000/year. I want to be able to come and go as I please, make my own hours and take my family on vacations whenever I want to…not when some perceived authority says I can.” Vemma is for WINNERS!

    I have to say, you are on the boarder line of practicing unethical journalism with this post. Ridiculous. …no doubt your being paid $12/hour to spread Propaganda like this.

    BTW…I also have a BMW 5351 that is Paid for by Vemma. Even got pictures to prove it! 🙂

    • Congratulations. I have a nice house, nice car, great family, and fun hobbies. I got them all by developing a good reputation (not just amongst my peers or those “under” me,) a MARKETable skill, and excellent work ethic.

    • No, you don’t have a car, you drive a car BK owns…kind of like MC Hammer

      You don’t have a boss? What is your upline?

      You don’t do what other people say? You run a business based entirely on conning people to get on a bandwagon.


  • I’m 37 years old and in just 4 months I’m making almost $2,500/month sharing Vemma’s products with my friends. …and I’ve gotten to this point working just 8-10 extra hours per week (in other words…part time). I find it funny how you criticize something you obviously know nothing about…Making Money. If you look at some of the wealthiest people on this planet they are paid based on “performance” and the “results” they get. …not on a salary or hourly wage.

    Vemma isn’t for everyone. It’s not for the person who wants to be told what to do for the next 50 years of their life, show up to work from 8-5 every day, hate it and complain the entire time, do minimal work and get paid an hourly wage or salary for it. …oh, and thinks they are entitled to a RAISE every year simply because they “put in the time”. …paying people based on “putting in the time” and not on performance is the most unethical way to do business on the planet. And it should be made ILLEGAL! …and that’s what is wrong with 97% of this country. They all want handouts! Which is probably why only 3% of the people in this country own 97% of the wealth…and why 97% of America is “B-R-O-K-E”

    Vemma is for people who stand up to the status quo and say, “I’m worth more than $10/hour. I’m worth more than $50/hour. I’m worth more than $75,000/year. I want to be able to come and go as I please, make my own hours and take my family on vacations whenever I want to…not when some perceived authority says I can.” Vemma is for WINNERS!
    I have to say, you are on the boarder line of practicing unethical journalism with this post. Ridiculous. …no doubt your being paid $12/hour to spread Propaganda like this.

    BTW…I also have a BMW 5351 that is Paid for by Vemma. Even got pictures to prove it!

    • You are missing the point…The article isn’t saying people cannot be successful through Vemma. Clearly there are going to be outliers with a business model like this. Everyone from Vemma who disputes this article is just going on and on about successful they have become through the company. That’s fine. The point is that the how Vemma makes a good amount of their money through people buying their expensive starter packages and then not having the means or the desire to follow through. Vemma preys on naive college kids with dreams of making millions without doing any work. Now I know all you Vemma people are going to freak out and say that it’s your own fault if you buy into a company and fail to profit. There is some truth to this, but when a company bases its income off of people’s failure, there is a problem. In addition to this, Verve is not even approved by the FDA…But if you want to take part of a company that thrives on other’s failures, and turns you into an annoying salesman to everyone you meet, then sign up online today! only $499 for the silver level builder pack!

      • Vemma doesnt “prey” on anybody! What the heck are you talking about??!!


        Get your facts right buddy, Vemma is changing the way college kids make money. I rather work my but off in Vemma and make $2000 a month, then listen to a boss tell me what to do, when to take a piss, and when to eat lunch, for the next 65 years of my friggen life.

        The reason why people fail is because people like you tell them THEY CANT DO SOMETHING, and then their Confidence goes down. pfttt

        • Clearly you didn’t read what she said. SOME (since apparently capitalizing your words isn’t childish I’ll do it too), people will make money. SOME people ALWAYS make money in pyramid schemes. NO company that has a primary focus of recruiting people can be legit. It DOES make money off the people who get the starter packs and then don’t have time for it or aren’t successful at convincing dozens of other suckers to join and even then it wont last because those people will also need to EACH find dozens of people to join to be successful. GRANTED, you don’t need to actually buy the business builder packs, though they strongly recommend it and when I was being pitched I was lead to believe buying it was required. I was told that you don’t need to sell, just pass it out for free, that it wasn’t the main focus, that people might by it if they want it. And then they could buy it online giving you credit or you could sell it directly. BUT I was told that it is much HARDR to actually sell the product and that I should try and get as many people to join and buy the starter pack and encourage them to all do the same, thus quickly building a business. Obviously this model is totally unsustainable in the long run and, it will collapse given time. I mean if it looks like a pyramid scheme, sounds like a pyramid scheme and smells like a pyramid scheme… I GUESS it ISN’T one… oh wait… that’s not right, it MUST be one. I mean why else would SO MANY people have horrible stories about it.

        • If Vemma is such a good company, why go to college. I have watched and heard everything Vemma has had to say to get me join. During my video chat with someone successful in the company, I asked him why is he going to college if he’s already being successful in the company. He avoided the question by saying because of my parents, so I said to myself you are 20 years old and supposedly making $2k a month and still go to classes?. That’s an inconsistency with working hourly wage job, because in college that’s what you’re working towards unless you are trying to become a doctor, lawyer, or entrepreneur. So always left with this question if Vemma is such amazing job why go to college where you are more likely to be for someone who tells you what to do?

        • Ah yes, Lucho, the Vemma dude, then WakeUpNow dude, and his most recent failure, Primerica. If you weren’t living in your parents basement, maybe even you, and your equally sleazy brother would actually have to get real jobs, rather than constantly searching for the next avenue to scam people.

      • Please tell me you’re aware that the FDA doesn’t review or approve ANY supplements in the United States and Vemma is a vitamin/mineral supplement, in case you failed to research that. Also, I have friends and have met people whose lives have been saved by this product. Without it they probably wouldn’t be here, so your bashing is a little more annoying to me. I also known someone who was homeless before Vemma came into their lives. Vemma has allowed him to get his life back.Also, you don’t have to buy a $499 silver pack to get started so that comment is faulty. I’m not going to argue with you, it’s obviously not worth my time.

        • Oh yes, the “supplement” shelter. Tune into any AM radio station and.check out all the snake oil being sold with totally outrageous and unsubstantiated claims. I just heard one the other day that alludes to curing cancer. CANCER. These slim ball companies get away with making these false claims and evade the FDA by precisely the loophole that (insert shill’s name here) above me was nice enough to blurt out. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Therefore, there is nothing whatsoever binding these claims to truth in advertising, because they aren’t “food” or “drugs.” They’re SUPPLEMENTS. Nya-nyanya. You can’t get me. I really hope someone in our government has the stones to close this loophole for good.

      • Absolutely not if you knew anything about this company you would understand that you dont make money based on the amount of people you have in you make money based on how much drink is sold based on your referral. Prime Example i have and uncle that owns a gym and hey buys about 12 cases a month to stock his gym and sell guess wat the is the same as having 6 p0eople buying two cases PRODUCT SALES run this company not Recruiting. Secondly Enrolling People you dont even get that much money for convincing people to live a healthier life and help there frineds do the same thing is how you make your money…..

  • This article is very true. People who try hard make the money and people who don’t won’t make money. Oh wait, that sounds very familiar, oh wait, THATS EVERY JOB IN THE WORLD. You open a business, first step? investment. 2nd step? hire employees who will make less than you. MLM is based on who takes it seriously and who doesn’t. It definitely isn’t a job for everyone, but it is a lot more appealing than the 50% job rate post graduation, jumping into the first 9-5 job you are offered and then forcing your way through 40 years of work so you can hopefully have a peaceful retirement. The system within Vemma doesn’t discriminate anyone. If you do your work and make this a priority, you will be successful. If you don’t try in a normal job, you get fired, and are in the same position as someone who didn’t try in MLM. This is the best job for college kids, yes, we do enjoy the product. We are all hooked on energy drinks, so instead of paying the same price of Verve on Red Bull and Monster, which has lead to multiple deaths, we are transferring our funds to a healthy alternative that fits our demographics, and making money in the process.

    You should start writing about valuable topics, and stop discouraging people from an opportunity that could be great for them. Verve isn’t a get rich quick scheme, if you build your business just like you do any other business, you will be financially stable for when you continue to follow your passion. It’s closed minded people like you that follow only what they’re told to do, and now you will be spending your life working for somebody else’s dream because you didn’t follow your own.

    • Good points. Don’t forget to mention the other key step to succeeding in this and every MLM is to polarize and alienate your friends and family (sorry, I meant “prospects.”)
      Lose your scruples completely, “work” your butt off, learn to function with very shallow interpersonal relationships, and you might make a living for a while until this MLM scheme hits/surpasses market saturation and collapses under its own weight, then move to another locale where you can meet new marks, (sorry. I meant “prospects,”) and start over with a new MLM organization. Make sure to “get in on the ground floor,” though so you can exploit your new friends (sorry, I meant “prospects,”) and try to make sure the new MLM hasn’t reached market saturation yet, as if the friendly people presenting the meetings would give you that information.
      Me? I will continue to make an honest living and refrain from turning my valued friends and family members into hapless fraud victims, and I will continue to enjoy my career (which includes taking vacations when i want, coming and going as i please, etc.,) The career that i have built out of loyalty, hard work, thirst for knowledge, and personal reputation.
      You can continue doing what you’re doing. Make sure to check back in with the rest of us in about 5-10 years and let us know how your MLM endeavors have been working out for you. I will stick to what works long-term sand allows me to sleep at night guilt free.

      • Well if you are alienating friends, you’re doing it wrong anyway. In my group we have two rules: Don’t bother people with this and don’t be weird. Simply share the product or opportunity. If they are not interested, cool, if not, cool. Keep your relationships in tact.

        Like everything out there, there is good and bad. Network Marketing companies are no different. This is just an opportunity, that’s all. Everyone doesn’t have thousands of dollars to start a traditional business. The Network Marketing industry is bigger than the music and movie industry combined. The industry is not a scam, but it is different. You only become successful by helping others reach their goals. If you are involved to get a bunch of people to sell for you, it will not work. You motives have to be the right motives.

  • I know that you are entitled to your opinion, just as am I, and I know you are wrong when saying that these stories are exaggerated stories. For one, I stated doing Vemma fresh out of high school. I have lived in nunerous houses growing up and I was ready for a change. “If you want to be different, you have to do something different,” so I started Vemma. On my FIRST paycheck for a WEEK, I made almost $500 dollars, and now this has helped me with paying off my car and loans. It has really helped me get through college. I feel sorry for you becasue you feel as if this is a joke. I did work, but there are leaders in the company and they help in anyway needed. I have also gained many friends through this business. Instead of bashing on people’s dreams, go and work on you own. This is happening, it is not for everyone, but it works. You obviosuly know that.

  • This is the most ignorant artucle I have ever seen. You should probably take this down before teenagers that have greater success than you have had your whole life, show you up and laugh in your face about your “opinion” haha

  • The author of this article has astounded me. The utter lack of research and facts presented by the author leaves me little hope for the future quality of journalism in this nation. The fear mongering, emotional diatribe presented here is not only laughable but borders on libel.

    If one had done any responsible research whatsoever they would see that not only is the Network Marketing industry a very credible, time tested and proven business model, but VEMMA itself has the utmost credibility with relationships with prestigious mainstream organizations such as the NBA, The Phoenix Suns, Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcats, The Cleveland Clinic, and the BBB.

    Any endeavor in life, whether a start-up business, pursuit of athletic greatness, climbing out of indebtedness, etc requires persistent, hard work. VEMMA is no more a “get-rich quick sheme” than YOUR newspaper is a credible source for advice on business opportunities. Perhaps Chapman and your newspaper should spend more time ENCOURAGING young people to pursue entrepreneurship, business, and a “Dream Big” mindset, instead of instilling fear and dream stealing into the minds of young people.

  • Before you write an article you should get enough information and do your research. Vemma Corp is an excellent company with great afficiliations and responsible CEO BK Boreyko. I think you should research and apologize for the unbelievable biased report on Verve and the network marketing. If you don’t agree with this kind of jobs it’s ok but, writing an article withouth the correct information is completly irresponsible of your part as a good journalist. I beleive if this is the career you are looking forward to achieve in a future you should rethiink and dismiss…..YOU ARE WORST THAN THE STUPID TABLOIDES THAT EXPLOTES ARTIST LIFE TO GET ATTENTION……TOO BAD YOU ARE NOT A GOOD JOURNALIST…..HOPE YOU RESEARCH AND APOLOGIZE …VEMMA IS NOT A SCHEME AND IT REALLY WORKS AND NOTHING IS FOR FREE YOU NEED TO WORK TO GET THERE…..JUST NEED TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND DO IT!!!!

    • To The writers of this article and the illustrator. At the bottom of this page, it states that you are dedicated to the production of quality articles written with the highest level of integrity. I must inform you that along with a blatant lack of research, you also failed miserably to meet your own standards when compiling this article. After it was distributed, I can imagine that you probably huddled together and laughed as one of you read it outloud, in a sarcastic, dramatic manner, believing all the while that you had succeeded in embarassing The Leaders and Members of the Vemma Nutrition Company. But you are wrong. The facts, figures and testimonials speak for themelves. So while you are counting you quarters tonight to make your weekly trip to the campus
      laundromat, the Vemma Brand Partners will be smiling like cheshire cats

      as they book flights for business trips to places like San Diego, Honolulu, and Jamaica, just to name a few.

      • I noticed that you referred to “they” in lieu of yourself. Care to share why that could be? I have my own thoughts on the matter, but maybe you could help dispel them by elaborating.

    • I am affiliated with EC Council, a loose organization of e-commerce businesses that develops IT industry standards. Does that mean that I can’t deviate from those standards and act in violation of my certifications? Sure doesn’t. False equivalency is a lame argument tactic.

  • THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!! Take it from me, your ROYAL AMBASSADOR ALEX MORTON!! That’s right, [removed]. Boomer Sooner!! Noble’s goin platinum this week baby!! Already has 6 cycles this month!!! [removed] #BMW #LEGGGGOOOO MILLIONAIRE BY 25!!!

  • Article should read Beware of Ignorant broke dream stealers . It’s great that they write this crap it puts more fuel on the fire

  • You clearly have NOT done your homework. You let your readers down by publishing an article that has no merit.
    Is this a low class plan to put your name on the map like celebrities do in Hollywood by cheating on their spouses? Are you just looking to get attention? It worked, and it’s not the attention you want. We are a global company- 50+ countries in business for over 8 years doing over 100 million in sales all while helping people get healthy all over the world! My mother is without pain from taking Vemma, I am off my thyroid medication from taking Vemma, my bf Dad is off his cholestoral meds and high blood pressure is normal after taking Vemma. My gf lost 65 inces and is off 13 different pills including her asthma puffer from taking Vemma! We are changing lives and you print this article?! Think about the damage you could have done! Seriously, do you think the Phoenix Suns or Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcat’s or Children’s Miracle Network or Dr. Oz or Chris Powell or ET would partner up with a company that is what you have published? You use an example of people buying the product not because they like it but because they want the dream attached and so what’s wrong with that? People buy McDonald franchises all the time – do you think they buy the franchise because they like the burgers? No they see it as a ‘vehicle’ to get to their dreams… only difference is our product is healthy! Offering a safe alternative to Redbull, Monster and all the other sugar filed caffeine drinks is a good thing. I am proud of this company, it’s commitment to developing leaders, better health and ultimately an opportunity to be their own boss and get out of the ‘rat race’.
    Please consider a retract on your article’s misclaimers- you will be doing the right thing and get even more publicity if indeed that is what you are after.
    Meeka Caissie

  • Judging by the comments, looks like the Vemma marketing department is out in full force for this one (companies like this hire people to comb the internet and leave phony reviews and comments). I’m completely surprised that I agree with anything posted in The Panther, but as someone who was almost had by Vector my senior year of high school, I completely echo the sentiment. These things are not run like legitimate businesses, though they seem like they are on paper. These direct-sale network marketing companies rely on the pity of acquaintances of the ‘worker’ in order to sell a nominal amount of products, and they don’t worry about the huge rate of turn-over in employees because once you become wise to how hopeless it is to rise through the ranks (I remember reading, at least in the case of Vector, only around 70% of people stay with it for more than a few months), you’re already out $300 on the ‘sample kit’ to sell to people, the company has made its money, and you’re none the wiser. Even those very few people with success stories spur great marketing and recruitment for these companies.

    Their commodities are their employees, when you break it down like that. The difference between this ‘job’ and about any legitimate job with a reputable company is that you will never have to pay a premium up-front cost for employment at a real job. Any job that starts out with you having to make an investment is a scam.

    • Yeah, the Vemma supporters really came out of the woodwork. I had no idea Chapman students cared THAT much.
      Anyone with half a brain can see that most of these comments are just sockpuppeting.

      • Of course they are, but if they can trick just one person on the fence over this, that’s a revenue opportunity for said vulture.

    • You idiot we live in a capilist society.. Everyone who works a job for an employer is nothing but a commodity… Simply an exchange of money, an investment to generate more revenue. I dont understand where people like you are getting at… Ofcoarse few make the big money off of this. But if 90% of the people who are brand partners are making 5k a year i say its worth drinking this shit for free. I love the verve energy drink it actually is very heatlhy. Only time MLM companies fail is if there product sucks. I can tell you and so can all the celebrity endorsers vemma has that its a nice product

      • Damned if you do…damned if you don’t. There’s really no point in arguing because you either “get it” or you don’t…you either see opportunity or you don’t. I’m a Beachbody coach and I get the same crap all the time. People will say it doesn’t work. But when you break the biz all down for them, show them exactly how it works (pay for a meal and run a biz for 1/2 the cost of anyone’s lunch), some STILL won’t believe you. They’re all looking for the catch. All looking for the “GOTCHA” clause. That’s how 99% of the human race is programmed…to search for the negative (why do you think the news is 90% depressing…it’s sells!) before seeing the unbelievable opportunity sitting right in front of them. All I know is I jumped on board, I enjoy my products, and I make additional income for my family. In today’s economy, it’s everything I’d want in a side gig and then some. The golden ring is there to be grabbed…if you see it as a golden ring in the first place.

        • Ah, the old “you don’t get it” argument.

          Look up the acronym TANSTAAFL . Totally applies here. (h/t the late great Robert Heinlein)

  • >>You clearly have NOT done your homework. You let your readers down by publishing an article that has no merit.

    Just review all of the complaints that go back to 2007.

  • Michael, I am a brand partner with Vemma and I Am a senior at Upper Saint Clair High School. I am sorry that you have such a bad view on this network marketing company. I am currently 2 months in and yes, I have only collected around $200 from this job. The faults you have in this article must be addressed though. Vemma states specifically that this is NOT a get rich quick idea, although it can be and has been for many of people. Secondly, if you think the only thing that is hold Vemma up as a company and not falling into the pyramid scheme is because of its unbelievable group or product, you certainly need a little bit more time of studying the company as a whole. If the Phoneix Suns endorse this brand, if it is creditable with Michael Jordan and Dr. Oz, don’t you think it is a real deal? Your points are completely accurate that there are large amongst of network marketing companies that rely only on sign up, but Vemma is much different. The company states as well that this opportunity is what you make of it, much like anything in life. It is NOT for everyone, but it is able to work for everyone hands down. I encourage you to come to one of my Team’s meetings and learn a little bit more about this opportunity as a whole. We have 2 meetings a week , and we welcome you go inform you and teach you an abouh an incredible thing that is changing lives with out a doubt. I live in Pittsburgh Pa, and my email address is sfboyd662@aim.com. I am glad you chose to voice your opinion and help others, part of your article I’d extremely accurate. I just encourage you to learn and understand this before you go and make further comments on it. Thank you, God bless!

    • You’re a high school senior and you think you’ve got it all figured out? Get real, son. What does having a celebrity or athlete have to do with multi-level marketing schemes? I could care less if they endorse the product, that is entirely irrelevant. You are not selling a product, you’re selling an idea. The company can tell you that they are not a get rich quick idea all they want but when it comes down to it, words are only words. There is a reason they are targeting high school seniors and college kids.

      • What are you getting at? i dont understand Josh Bontrager….I just got done reading a front page article from the NY times about herbalife. A MLM company that has been extremely succesful… Hegdefund guys on wallstreet have made alot of money off this industry and they fight over whether its a pyramid scheme or not becuase some hegdefund guys bet against the company. There is no scam here, everything is completly laid out for you. The reason why vemma will be succesfull too is becuase like herbalife the company is consumer sale based. They give you plenty of incentive to go out and get consumers. More than half there sales revenue is attributed to consumer sales. This is the way i see it…. In a pyramid scheme there are no consumers, only members, and if you run out of market the pyramid collapses. In this MLM model there is pyramid system involved, however the consumers keep it glued together. With more than half of the people purchasing this being consumers this model is in no danger of collapsing.

        • Woah, stop the train. More than half of their revenue is based from sales? Where foes the rest come from? For much revenue, for example, is generated by shilling this ridiculous business model on the comment section of blogs with rabid conviction? Based on the intensity of a lot of these posts, I would say a substantial amount. Damage control is what I see happening here. A penny saved is a penny earned, so, please indulge me. How much? Don’t pretend you guys haven’t come up with a number. This is a very calculated operation you guys have going.

          • The rest comes from saving money. Vemma spends zero dollars on advertisement. So, the billions of dollars they save goes straight back to pay everyone in the company. Also, Vemma makes $150 off of every case of Verve sold, which costs them about $10 to produce. That leftover money goes straight to employees, and not advertising. Therefore, the more product that is sold, the more money is made. Money is not made from “recruiters’ but the product that is sold.

          • Revenue is not the same thing as savings. That money originates from somewhere, correct? I ask you again, where does the money come from? Spare me the straw man arguments and stop insulting my intelligence. It’s a simple question. Answer it.

          • Of course I was being fecetious in my original question, so I’ll forgive you for taking it as real. Brass tacks, over halkf of the money comes from sales. Where does the rest come from?

    • My God, all any of this people talk about it how Dr. Oz says this about veema … well Dr. Oz says a lot of things that really have no basis in fact or science which is shocking considering he is a cardiologist…

      Among refuted claims Dr. Oz has espoused include what some may consider fear mongering about arsenic level in apple juice, questioning the safety of genetically modified foods (which The New Yorker points out, was discredited by scientists in France and the U.S.), miracle “Hollywood” diets, Reiki therapy (which claims that spiritual and physical”energy” can be transferred from one person to another), hypnosis, psychic interventions and energy fields.

  • What makes me laugh is the moron who wrote all those fake comments did so in like the exact same hour period. Look at the times of each post on Nov. 15th. Each is posted like 5 min after the next. After the article had been out for like ten days. Next this asshammer of a wannabe con uses [removed] syntax, starting every word with a capitol. All lower case next post….

    Whomever you are in the internet, just know your lack of intelligence and blatant corporate bias is obvious.

  • Oh. My. God. What kind of brainwashed society are we becoming? Can no one think for themselves anymore?! I guess if you watch a couple videos from the company’s website you are suddenly an informed investor. The fact that there is a product is irrelevant. You are not selling a product, you’re selling an opportunity to sell a product. Wow, sounds oddly familiar, does this not scream pyramid scheme to anybody else? It just makes me sick that a company is parading around a couple of success stories and promising that everyone can reach those same levels. Of course there will be incredibly successful people, but the MAJORITY will never even get close to the level. Like the author said, that is exactly how the company will make their money.

    • Pyramid schemes have no products. Focus solely on other investors. You my friend obvoiusly dont know what a pyrimad scheme is. Everything is fully refundable within five weeks if you dont break even…. The most you could lose for not trying at all at this is 30 dollars in shipping.. Do some research, in a pyramid scheme or gifting club people are putting down a couple thousand

      • Semantics. His point is, is that Verve is [removed]. Its a Mulit level pyramid scheme. Better? Btw, hows that Verve/Vemma taste?? Money good? bahaha!

      • Actually, according to the FTC, many pyramid schemes will have a product they sell as a way to provide the illusion of legitimacy though the product will have very little focus in the company.

  • Vemma is a scam! I am surprised how much effort is made on youtube and internet generally to make this seem legit. Even if they do have a few products, it’s focus is on requitment and not selling.

  • I cannot stand these Vemma kids. Old high school friends who I haven’t talked to in years suddenly want to ignite the friendship with offerings of success. “Man you don’t even have to sell anything, just get people to join and you get money” – Vemma Brand Parter. Also, all Vemma “brand partners” please, please stop claiming you are a businessman. I hope all you brand partners get that BMW lease and struggle to pay for the premium gas.

  • Wow, finally I was able to find a real article on the Internet about how Vemma/Verve IS a scam and not some “brand partner” trying to convince you otherwise so you will buy from them. Everything that you said is absolutely valid, and I wish all of these students that are getting sucked into this scheme would realize it. I have tried to convince my friends to not get involved in it, but they are completely brainwashed. It makes me a little sick for my generation. Apparently we just believe whatever someone tells us now. These kids will say, “laughing my way to the dealership”- yeah, right. Good luck with that. The big guys at the top of the pyramid at Vemma will be doing that instead.

    • Why do people have such a problem with people higher than you making money? thats how society is… Chances are you wont ever in your life make more than 80k annually… becuase more than likely your at the bottom of the capitalist pyramid scheme, the top 1% owns 90 percent of cash in this country… same thing with vemma sureee… but why not consume healthy product and get paid 200 bucks a month for it? why do people have to trip so hard about it

    • Yeah, it’s really funny how it’s painfully obvious, most, if not all of the comments trying to refute the article simply by accusing people of not wanting to make money/being lazy/afraid of success/hating on everyone are all from the same person or maybe two people. You hear the same old thing over and over again from these Vemma reps and the funny thing is I bet they’re not making any money personally, they’ve just committed so much of their money and time and possibly credit card balances that they can not admit that they were scammed, they keep hoping that this will be the week they convince 40 of their friends and relatives to start selling for Vemma. It’s kind of sad actually.

  • You are right when you say vemma doesn’t have any job security. but then again, that’s probably the reason you have a “job” (journey of the broke, paid slave, etc.) You’re just a bum that doesn’t have a good life

  • Thanks for this article. My younger sister (in high school) called me up asking me to convince my mom to get her into this. From the way she described it, it sounded exactly like a pyramid scheme (which they get around with the technicality of bundling it with a modern day snake oil). This just confirms what any one with a fully developed brain (i.e. anyone >25 yrs) would suspect.

    Could some people do well with this? Sure. Some people also make millions of dollars with the lottery. Most of us don’t.

    Keep the sockpuppeting and logical fallacies up, Vemma goons (LOLz, like if this were a scam then why would DR. OZ – the biggest snake oil salesman on TV promote this?!? LOLz). Have fun selling your fruit juice flavored snake oil.

    • PB nailed it right on the head. These dummies who think they are going to make a quick and easy buck are fooling themselves.

  • See, most of you understand that it isn’t a get-quick scheme. The author of the article even states that “The stories are true: some members will rise to the top and succeed” but the problem lies in the fact that there are those that think it IS a Get Rich quick opportunity.

    College kids with debt, people that just want money, the whole idea seems appealing to them, and there are A LOT of people like that. Don’t try and tell people about how the company doesn’t make money off those that didn’t sell enough. It’s a company. It’s supposed to make money, otherwise how can it survive? It DEPENDS on people buying the product, without care to if they actually sell the product or not.

    Now those selling the product, making good money, props to you. You’re putting in the time and getting good returns. The issue lies with those that don’t and the good many of them that don’t. Food for thought, if it really is that successful, why hasn’t it grown huge like Microsoft or other serious companies? It’s because someone is suffering and although it might not be you, it’s many, many people out there.

    If you buy this [removed], you better be prepared to sell it. SERIOUSLY sell it. Don’t think it’s quick, don’t get focused on the idea of OH 800 GRAND EVERY 6 MONTHS. Even if that’s possible, it’s going to take a TON of work. Getting money isn’t easy, otherwise I’d be rich as [removed].

    Props to the author, you’re doing a service to those reading up on the company.

  • Make money off people you trust you lie even though you know your failing but deny to your self you are making no money…..apparntly becoming a ” brand partner” means lieing to everyone around you and yourself shame on all of you ….you people will remain broke for all those reasons and more morons

  • Vemma isn’t a scam. It works great for me because there’s a lot of suckers out there. You guys are making me money. All I have to do is show you interesting stats that are taken out of context, flashy and rich lifestyles and you guys will pay up. Truth is, 90% of you won’t make money because you guys are just a bunch of “marks” who are used to promote our Vemma product and sell it. If you work hard enough and don’t mind scamming and promising things that are very unlikely then come talk to me, I got a great opportunity for you.

    Fact is, most of you Verve and Vemma heads will read this and disregard it. Thats why, as someone who takes advantage of you, I don’t mind posting the truth because you guys are too stupid to realize when truth has slapped you in the face. How’s that Verve drink working for you?

  • basically vemma is a pyramid scheme. If you do not belive this please do some research YOURSELF.
    Anyone posting on this is either working for vemma or just a misinformed [removed].

    Please do yourself a favorite and post your address [removed].
    [removed] morons.

  • I am completely neutral on the Vemma subject, but in my opinion, I don’t see how Vemma can keep getting college kids to sell the product without everything coming to a screeching halt sooner or later. If every college kid in the U.S. becomes a Vemma salesman, who are the Vemma salesmen going to sell to? My point is that this whole thing will fizzle out soon and will leave all of these Vemma salespeople wondering what happened.

  • Why do all the comments parrot the promo video I saw today from the people trying to get me on to it. There were so many holes in the presentation. The numbers were off (a CAGR of 86% on the energy drink market…..that is insane for me to believe when VCs opportunity assessment look for 20% ), they claimed they had “no competition”, the excuse why there is no retail presence, if there is no advertising why is the price the same as redbull (their price accounts for the cost of advertising, and redbull’s price to the end user is at retail mark-up yet the prices are the same) , the claim it was FDA approved, its not, what it is approved for is not the same thing as what the rep claimed. The idea of what they are selling can work out for a few people, but the lack of “selling” makes me worry. When asked how its all funded and how much product needs to be pushed in order to recoup costs, i was met with the same dogmatic idea presentation about sharing vision.

    • dude, you hit the nail on the head. This company is great for people who have no concept for business. Why I was hearing a pitch I didn’t even say I thought it was a pyramid scheme but they guy kept saying that, ” People may think this is a pyramid scheme, but I bet they don’t even know what that means” And then gave me the same dogma about why it wasn’t one… which honestly lead me to believe it was, and then you look up and see that the FTC says that some pyramid schemes actually sell product to provide legitimacy, it’s like Oh, Wow, that is what Vemma is…

  • My roommate is now a brand partner to this wonderful corporation, and let mr tell you ladies and gentlemen, it will do wonders for you. Did you know that for a minimum of $150 you too can become part of this opportunity? What opportunity you may ask? Why, the chance to give others the very same opportunity you are being offered! But such good Samaritans such as yourselves wouldn’t accept money for providing your friends, family, and aquaintences with such an amazing opportunity, and that’s just fine! The fact is you won’t have to worry about that one bit, you can just send your money to someone else who will worry about such sinful pleasures for you. With your help, we can make this world a healthier and richer place that appreciates the things around us. Like triangles. Don’t you think the triangle is the perfect shape, with its pointy top and wide, strong base to keep it up to the end of time.

    • Great job! Way to not read the comments that have been made here. If you have a large network and are making so much money, I am sure you have taken advantage of many unsuspecting people. Daddy must be proud.

    • Gullible suckers gonna be gullible suckers.

      Let me clue you in on a secret. Want to know why there are so many “haters” against this garbage? Most of us are sick and tired of being approached by people, often people we consider friendly acquaintances, friends, or family with these thinly veiled attempts at getting our money. Add to this the fact that most of us are compassionate human beings who don’t like to see our fellow citizen taken advantage of. You see, there is an ethical high ground here that has nothing to do with your continued claims that we are jealous, lazy, afraid of success, and so on. I’m sure most are able to see that, but then sooner you realize this, the sooner you will be able to dig yourself out of the debt that you likely face as a result of your blind trust in a company and business model you know next to nothing about. I hope you do get out.

  • Haha, oh lord, some guy I used to know (and rather dislike) from high school is trying to get me to go to one of these meetings. Funnily enough, I realized this was a quasi-pyramid scheme thanks to an anime that I watched (Welcome to the N.H.K.), so when he offered me the “chance to make lots of money”, alarm bells sounded.

    Good luck selling your Verve, guys. I’ll be happy workin’ for da man until I’m out of college, after which I will end up becoming a teacher, and warning future students about scams like these.

    • alarm bells is taking financial advice from anime

      to my current knowledge and understanding, every year there is a new class of college kids entering the market. theres 90 million young people and 30000 brand partners. according to harvard business school http://www.networkcommerce.info/harvard-business-school-network-marketing-criteria.php finding an opportunity with an company that has a unique and sustainable product ( i dont care what any of you say, verve is a healthier alternative to redbull and monster. and face it, this society has caffeine in it veins. meaning its not becoming unfashionable anytime soon) if the opportunity has less than 100,000 distributors and over 18 months old its a once in a lifetime opportunity. yeah it doesnt work for every one. but the only x factor is the persons individual performance. reality is most people fail at dieting, i dont see you writing article on how diets are scams and how you shouldnt try one because you will probably fail at it.most people who attempt to become US Navy Seals fail because they quit. people who fail at anything, its because when they experience a temporary setback they quit and give up. vemma is for the people that wont quit. as a brand parnet i REFUSE to work with certain people. I dont offer this opportunity to everyone. its not for everyone. to everyone taking advice from this author, if you keep listening to broke people you are gonna get what they have. if you listen to the people like warren buffet, bob proctor, napoleon hill, (all advocates of network business models btw) you will get what they have. I can assure you its more than what this dumbass author is making.

  • Just to point out to the writer doing all the research Vemma is a BBB business with an A+ rating so what are you going to write smack about that? What I truly believe is you did a bit of research and went on your own emotions which always produce certain actions and results that are in harmony of that. The problem in the world is ignorance and not being able to manage the emotions and feelings that motivate us in life. We lash out and react, rather than stop, think and respond in an effective manner to th circumstance and conditions around us. No one is right, or wrong, everything just is in life. It’s what you do with it that matters, a d if you want to give energy to seeing people not do well, fail and hope something collapses really says alot about who you are and how you view others around you. In my honest opinion I can’t for a second believe that’s what you really desire in life. Take our lead we are building the good for people that want to participate learn and grow and share. It’s not a problem this is not for the writer. Learn to use yukr craft to write things people wa t to read that are positive, there is already enough hate out there already. Lets make a change 🙂

  • While it is true the profit comes from people not getting paid aka. the people at the bottom, it is impossible for anyone above them to make more money without first making their bottom most person successful. In Vemma, when the newest member succeeds and makes money, everyone else makes money.

  • All aspects of the business model aside, and how much money people supposedly make, the real thing about businesses such as verve and vector being a part of students lives is that it teaches them to treat any new acquaintance as a prospective profit, thus impersonalizing human interaction. The people that I know that are a part of verve typically ask me to join, or to put them in contact with friends, or to introduce them at clubs on campus. That’s what’s frustrating. Yes, it’s good to look at ways to network, and to know what you can get out of a relationship. But you shouldn’t be making relationships just to try and recruit someone. If you look at a potential relationship and see it as dollar signs, there is something seriously wrong with how you interact with people.

  • What seems unethical to me, is that you go to school for 4 years, pay 50 grand a semester, and all you get in return is a piece of paper, a 53.6% chance of being unemployed, and student loans racking up. Yea “Network marketing companies tend to flame out in the long run.” look at Amway, in year 53 still increasing profits as well as Herbalife in year 35 still increasing in revenue. As for the energy drink market, it is set to triple in the next three years. “You have to ask yourself how big is the market going to be?” You have to ask yourself how great is it to get a degree? If you apply the same skepticism to Vemma in your own life, you will find that those who have promised you success after graduating with a 4 year degree, are just as mis-leading as those who promise you success in Vemma. The reality of today’s economy and job market point out the obvious that the 4 year bachelors degree is the new high school diploma, and if you were hoping to get anywhere in life, you would need to develop a secondary source of passive residual income. Vemma is also apart of the weight-loss industry,which is predicted to grow 4.5% this year, and our products formulated by The Hosts of Extreme Makeover Weight-Loss edition Chris and Heidi Powell. Just as only a tiny percentage of employees succeed in Vemma, only few employees in any business and industry and anything in life succeed.

  • The only thing separating this from a pyramid scheme is the fact that a tangible product is involved.
    This business is ridiculously unstable, relying only on prospective recruiters to maintain company revenue. In essence, recruiters recruit recruiters.
    And I can tell you how they do it:
    -Referring you to youtube videos of the people on top of this pyramid, who are very effective in infatuating college students.
    -Saying that you’d rather be your own boss than by a pathetic low-life who works from 8-5 every day for the rest of his/her life, which, by the way, pretty much makes up for the vast majority of hard-working Americans.
    -Offering you an “amazing opportunity”.

    Look, 90% of the people who join Verve are going to get screwed, and its not because they didnt want it enough or work hard enough, it’s because no matter how hard they try to bombard their friends with Verve, people won’t give in. And that’s because as time goes on, people use their common sense to realize that this is simply a pyramid set-up business (lets call it that because Verve investors hate the word “pyramid scam/scheme”). The people making money are those who started this years ago, not the people starting now. The longer this goes on the more people are going to realize that.

    And when I say making money, I’m saying 100K/month, the residual income that recruiters are so quick to bring up.
    I guarantee you not one of you is making a 1/10 of that, however, you will see you are in hopes of recruiting others

    Vent over.

  • I am not a part of Vemma/Verve, I am only here because i have been doing research on the company and product on the internet and i found this page. All i am saying in regards to Verve is, you actually do sell product. Each new member gets a website and you sell builder packs, AND the Verve energy drink. Not to mention, you get payed residual income just after signing up three people into the business. So guys, i would recommend doing your research before saying Vemma/Verve is a pyramid scheme, SCAM, etc.

    • Yeah… you are OBVIOUSLY not associated with Vemma.

      I guess a great company would actively hire people who can’t spell, or aim to hire a majority of their “members” from high-school/college.

      Makes me sick. Preying on young teens that are going through the toughest part of growing up.

      The product isn’t terrible, but for the love of god the business…

  • how can people be so stupid…i own three businesses…all related to sales…its a product being sold using a pyramid scheme method…which states its not a pyramid scheme in the right word…but it actually is…how can a product pay all their customers …it would go bankrupt…its 1 out of thousands that would get chosen to get a car or get paid…just so that they could prove a false point to others…get a real fucken job…who ever joins verve obviously doesn’t have a business or any business sense…the man on top is smiling all the way…you are his pawns in a chess game

  • So ya I just had one of those drinks because someone gave it to me and I actually thought it tasted really good but I ended up getting really sick from it. My belly is still rolling from it!

  • Funny thing is Vemma is a legitimate company operating in over 40 countries, the company itself LEGALLY sponsors Pheonix Suns and Charlotte Bobcats making it a LEGAL company FAR FROM a pyramid scheme, the same thing was said about Herbal Life and people involved make tons.

    What people fail to understand in EVERY COMPANY those at the bottom make the change, just like your traditional company, staff who sell the items in the shop get paid change while the directors get paid millions, how does this differ?

    In any company in order to make a start in invest, advertise, increase awareness to increase productivity and sales which leads to profit and success, how does this differ to any other business?

    Your logic and reasoning behind why vemma along with any other network marketing company is fake or a “get rich quick scheme” is actually quite pathetic, especially how these companies don’t name themselves as get rich quick schemes and actually state in order to be successful you have to be patient willing to work hard and willing to HELP OTHERS do the same! to me that is better than any other job because no other job offers to help other people make money!

    Furthermore if you research correctly a lot of the richest people in the world are involved in network marketing, and if u had an ounce of sense, rather than following a broke persons mentality to get rich, you would follow a rich person’s mentality, as there’s a reason why there rich and you’re not.


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