Editorial: Break time is over, SGA

Illustration by Michael Lue


We are disappointed with the level of productivity from the Student Government Association (SGA) this fall.

Looking to past semesters, we recognize accomplishments from SGA in projects such as installing water fountain filters, putting more test-taking green books in the bookstore, placing iPads in the Student Union and adding more sports equipment to the gym. This semester, however, our list doesn’t go far funding individual events and attending to internal affairs.

We understand each senator is supposed to take on a project or goal. Sometimes these projects are long-term and cannot be evaluated at the end of a single semester. A lot of work went in to discussing the logistics of fall break and we appreciate that. Some of the other projects discussed this fall include bringing back Safety Walks, putting card locks in Davis Community Center, extending Sunday cafeteria hours and putting vegan and vegetarian options in Doy’s Place. But the problem is that they didn’t go past the discussion stage.

Senators need to undertake short-term tangible projects such as installing water fountain filters. Our personal student fees are funding these projects. They should benefit not only the future students of Chapman, but also the current ones. As students who invest in SGA, we deserve some sort of substantial results while we’re still here.

We fear a reason behind the lack of productivity this fall may be due to an extensive focus on internal problems. With the resignation of two senators, an unpredicted need to fill the Speaker of Senate position, and censuring being main topics of conversation in meetings, we wonder if we aren’t seeing as many projects because focus was lost.

Problems need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, and the SGA members should feel a responsibility to their employers, the students, to meet demands and show results. We hope the lack of accomplishments does not mean the progress on the projects is also nonexistent. We would like to be positive and think the senators and executive members of SGA have the ball rolling and we will see these efforts clearly in the spring semester.

Step it up in the spring SGA. Fall break is over.


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  • As a Student Union Assistant working for SCL I just wanted to send over a couple edits. The iPads were not a project of senate, it was put in place by student and campus life. Also, the sports equipment is currently in the union, it was never added to the gym. If you have any questions, let me know!

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