EDITORIAL: Four more years united

Illustration by Michael Lue

The ballots have been cast. Barack Obama is still the President of the U.S. But our participation in our democracy does not stop after the votes are tallied and does not stop when Mitt Romney loses. Whether or not you voted for Barack Obama, he is our president and we must support him. The majority has spoken.

We want to congratulate President Obama on winning the election, and also recognize the efforts of the other candidates running for the presidency. We want to commend those in our Chapman community who exercised their rights and voted in California, and those who sent in absentee ballots for the rest of the U.S. This is a historic moment in the world, but also for many of us personally who voted for the first time.

But voting does not always mean we win. Our democracy allows us to state our opinions, but at the end of the day, majority rules. As U.S. citizens, we concede to this system. We agree that even if we lose, we will support our leaders and retain national pride. From the social media viewpoint, it looks like some Americans need to be reminded of this fact.

The election is over, and the time for America to be divided ended Nov. 6. For the next four years, President Obama will lead our nation, and it will be a much more effective presidency if our country is united.

Both candidates said it themselves. The only way to implement change is to reach across the aisle. We need to work together, or nothing will ever change.      We need to follow the example of Gov. Romney in supporting our president. No matter who leads our country, we need to pass legislation that will improve it.    The nasty political-driven hatred and attacking comments need to stop. The jokes about moving to England or Canada don’t help our political process.

The Panther staff did not unanimously vote for President Obama, but we unanimously support him now. We believe in the democratic system and we believe in the importance and power of nationalism. We encourage you all to put the election behind you and focus on the future heading into these next four years united red, white and blue.


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