End of the world is just an excuse

I don’t believe the world is ending. The idea of the ancient Mayans predicting our doomsday is not only unlikely, but silly. It’s just the ultimate excuse to YOLO, and will monopolize my news feed when everyone wakes up on Dec. 22 and nothing has changed.

But with all of the hype, I decided that it might be fun to take a moment and consider how I’d live my last days if I were cursed to be a believer. There may even be a lesson to be learned.

I know it’s a little late to start my bucket list, as we only have three weeks left.  I didn’t even make a bunker filled with food storage and guns, so I probably don’t even deserve to live.

But if the Mayan gods grant me some grace, I would start with blowing my savings on some world travel. I don’t see much besides the inside of my textbook these days, so a trip to Ireland, the Holy Land and the Great Wall will all be necessary before the lights go out.

Then I’d need to make a trip home. Working on the weekends doesn’t give me much of an opportunity to spend the quality time with my parents, so I’d make sure to get that in. My mom and dad’s cooking would definitely need to be a part of my last meal.

I’d need to check off the number of shows that must be finished on Netflix and experience a final re-reading all of the Harry Potter books.

I might even try to write a book or two myself, putting my education to some use—though I don’t know who would read it after the apocalypse.

Too bad there won’t be time to fall in love or teach English in foreign countries or make differences in areas of need, but maybe I could still be kissed in the rain.

Finally I would get my Facebook affairs in order, watch my last episode of The Vampire Diaries (quite necessary considering I’ve been waiting for Damon and Elena’s romance for four seasons), and make plans for a wicked New Year’s Eve party, just in case we make it that far. Then I’d settle in for the end with my family, friends and kitten.

I guess I’m not very good at YOLO-ing. But I don’t think many of you are either. If the world did end, what would be important?

How many things do we neglect in our lives because we tell ourselves we still have time? How many of these things will go undone?

The world isn’t ending. Dec. 21 will come and go. But maybe the Mayans did carry some divine inspiration. If we are forced to consider the end, perhaps we will realize the need to put a little bit more living in our life.

Let’s not only be grateful for this world on Dec. 22 but remember what we felt, and carry it through to 2013. Let’s learn to YOLO with the important things.

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  • I really enjoyed reading this article. Hopefully the world will not end and it will all be a big joke. I’m graduating from high school this year and have a lot of plans for the future. Furthermore, I agree that we should put “more living in our lives” because we do in fact only live once. YOLO

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