The future of student government

Guest column by Mitchell Rosenberg, student government president

Mitchell Rosenberg, student government president

There has long been a stigma surrounding the Student Government Association (SGA) at Chapman. We are embracing that stigma, not hiding behind it, and we are moving forward in a positive direction. That is why the future of SGA at Chapman is exciting.

SGA has been hard at work this summer preparing for this year. We have doubled down on our efforts, focusing on the sole reason we are here to serve you, to be the representatives you elected and to make the change you want to see. Regardless of your involvements, your interests or your backgrounds, we are here with an open door and an open ear to listen.

SGA works for the students and only for the students. Looking forward, I can promise you that we are not afraid to chase big goals or make significant statements. We are committed to addressing the issues that are most troublesome to students, issues that can hinder a student’s success at Chapman, such as not having the access to necessary resources one may desperately need. I have had the privilege of serving in SGA for two years prior to being elected president, and have heard struggles and personal stories from students on our own campus. The courage of those students and those personal stories fuel our momentum to advocate.

The future of SGA is full of outreach and advocacy, and it was crucial that we took this summer to improve our internal operations. Hundreds of students each year come to SGA to request funding to attend a conference or host a meaningful event on Chapman’s campus. This gives students the opportunity to open their minds and their hearts to learn about a different group, culture or interest. We have heard your concerns with funding processes and we have made significant strides to improve the process moving forward. We are introducing new services, like all-electronic applications and reimbursements, as well as the ability to check the status of your funding online. We are confident that these changes will not only improve efficiency and productivity, but will improve the student experience with our system.

I know that the future of SGA is filled with exciting new improvements to our campus, but it is also filled with challenges. My main goal is to continue to bring this organization to its full potential while working for you. Initiatives take time. The wait can be frustrating. The hoops to jump through can be disheartening, but I can assure you that I, as well as every member of SGA, will persist through those challenges to get you the result you need or the awareness that is necessary to build support.

My platform is full of challenging initiatives that I want to see Chapman tackle, from better mental health services, to a sizable push in sustainable practices, to an expansion of our recreation facilities on campus. None of these will be easy, but I can promise you that I have been working toward these goals and will continue to pursue what the students demand.

SGA is more approachable than ever this year and we are eager to listen. If you have struggled to get in contact with SGA or have had any negative experiences in the past, give us another chance. Reach out to any member and we will listen, we will work, and we will fight for that change. Again, our goal is to be your representative. Give us that chance, and I promise we will not let you down.

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