U.S. needs to come together

Now is the time to work together. Now is the time to get things done.

I won’t deny that I am an Obama supporter or that I was one of the happy ones on election night. I remain confident in his abilities as a politician and leader.

What I lack confidence in, however, is our country’s ability to work together, to find common ground, and to put our country first.

First let us look at what we are currently facing. We are involved in overseas conflicts, struggling to remain financially afloat while watching our statistics plummet in education and other crucial social areas.

Now, I don’t think that America must forever remain in the golden age where we’re at the top in seemingly every category. I know that is not realistic.

But I am under the impression that we are doing ourselves no favors in how we are going about trying to fix the present problems.

The struggles we face are hardly debatable. We can all acknowledge we are not the superpower we once were. The matter is how we go about fixing it all.

The problem is that we have become seemingly incapable of finding common ground with one another. We have become stuck so deeply in party lines and status quo that we have lost the ability to place ourselves in the shoes of others.     I like to think that the Democratic Party is the one who wants to reach across the aisle and that the Republicans are the ones halting progress.

But that is just not the truth. It is not Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservatives. It is Americans.

The reason we face these issues and cannot make any swift progress is because we refuse to find common ground.

The good news is there are solutions.

The first step is looking beyond party lines. We have become so dependent on our opinions being drawn from the party we are associated with that we forget to think about what we personally think is right; not just for us but for the country.

It is our job as American citizens to tell our government what we think needs to be done. We elect them, pay their salary and ultimately, they answer to us.

We can come up with solutions to the country’s problems that will advance our cause. They do not have to be Democratic or Republican ideas, they can just be American.

The common ground we share is our country, and by looking at the challenges it faces, we can come together and solve the problems at hand.

We must dissociate ourselves with thinking that compromising is rolling over. We must free ourselves from thinking that there is only one way forward. We must unite under the circumstances we face with a resolve of working together for the good of us all.


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