“Yes” on Proposition 37

Guest column by Mike Snow from CA Right to Know

Our health and the hope of our nation is in your hands.

At the current rate, this generation will be the first not to outlive its parents. Californians can stop special interest abuse by voting “Yes” on Proposition 37.

After my college graduation, I moved from California to Washington, D.C. Here I now have a disheartening view of the ease with which deep-pocketed special interest groups buy off politicians at the expense of ordinary citizens. No more egregious example of the repercussions of this exists than the flooding of our markets with untested, unlabeled genetically engineered foods that jeopardize our health and the financial health of our nation.

Here in DC, known advocates of GMOs are routinely appointed to top regulatory positions at the FDA, which is supposed to regulate food safety.

Instead, the FDA merely accepts the word of biotech companies, which do their own pre-determined research, using the wrong control groups, the wrong detection methods, and the wrong statistics. And their feed trials are so short they can never detect cancer, reproductive disorders or birth defects.

Meanwhile the rates of autism and other serious diseases are soaring while our longevity rate is plummeting. At the current rate, members of this generation will become the first to live shorter lives than their parents.

One bright spot is Proposition 37, which has been the subject of a million-dollar-a-day disinformation campaign designed to scare and confuse voters while depriving them of their fundamental right to know what’s in their food.

Because Proposition 37 stands to impact every citizen in this country, voters in other states are counting on Californians to preserve our sacred right to know what’s in our food by voting “Yes” on 37.

Our health, and the hope of our nation, is in your hands. Please vote “Yes” on 37. And help to spread the word.


  • Using a school paper to schill your political bull is sad. You and your prop 37 cohorts have a [removed] campaign against science. This labeling is just more fear mongering for morons. [the rest of this comment was removed]

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