10 easy ways for Chapman students to make extra money

By Leah De Leon, Gabriel Espinosa, Madeleine Caraluzzi and Kelsey Reinhardt

1. Want to get rid of your mattress? Have tickets for an event you can no longer attend? Become a member of the Free & For Sale Facebook page for Chapman students where you can buy and sell items. There is also Panther Couture, a Facebook page dedicated to buying and selling clothing.

2. Get some exercise and puppy love on a lazy afternoon and become a dog-walker. Sign up with Wag or OC Pup Scouts.


3. Election Day is coming up so get involved and volunteer as a poll worker. You get paid $100 on Election Day and $20 for a mandatory training session. Sign up here.

4. Turn your car into a money-making machine and become a driver for SafeHer, Uber or Lyft. Just a few weeks ago, Uber claimed that drivers take home $25 an hour and Lyft claimed drivers earn $35 an hour.

5. People get hungry and lazy, and they’re looking for people like you to deliver their food. Become a delivery driver through Postmates or GrubHub. Postmates says experienced drivers can earn up to $25 an hour, while GrubHub drivers can make between $10 to $20 an hour. Be sure to start your shift during meal times for maximum profit.

6. Ditch a weekend out for a weekend in and become a babysitter or a nanny. Visit caretaking sites such as Care.com and Sittercity to search opportunities in the local area, or use your own networking skills to get babysitting gigs.

7. Use your brain and tutor students in subjects in which you excel. The Tutoring, Learning and  Testing Center tends to get backed up so make some flyers, share your knowledge and make bank.

8. Do you enjoy running errands? Become a tasker with TaskRabbit. Set your own rates and schedule. Pay rates start at $10 and can go up to $150 an hour. An interview is required, but it’s an easy way to make money if you don’t mind busywork.

9. Save all your aluminum cans and after you’ve gathered enough to fill a couple huge trash bags, take them to DBW Metals Recycling in Frontera to get paid for what you would have just thrown away.

10. In between classes, Economic Science Institute sessions are the perfect way to earn some quick cash. You get paid to participate in experimental economics research and you get $7 just for showing  up. Sign up here.

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