11 resources you should take advantage of as a Chapman student

Want to make sure you’re getting the most for what you pay for at Chapman? Check this list to see what resources you knew or maybe didn’t know about.

1. Chapman has interview rooms that you can book for phone and video interviews in Beckman Hall and the Career Development Center.


2. Speaking of interviews… Chapman has a free service for students to use to prepare for phone and video interviews.


3. Besides the Doti-Struppa Rock Wall being the tallest on a California college campus and standing out that way, the staff allow students to rent camping gear.

Chase Horn, a senior business administration major, works for the Doti-Struppa Rock Wall.

“As long as you are actively enrolled as a Chapman student, you can come into the Doti-Struppa Rock Wall to rent camping gear. We have a pretty large collection of shiny new sleeping bags. We also have a limited number of tents, cookware and stoves (with fuel),” Horn said. “Stop by the rock wall during open hours. We have a brief waiver you sign to help us keep track of inventory, but other than that it’s as simple as coming in and asking for it.”

Doti-Struppa Rock Wall hours spring 2017:

Monday – Thursday 7 p.m. –  midnight

Saturday/Sunday    1 p.m.  –  4 p.m.

4. Chapman will let you take one international travel course tuition-free with this waiver.

The waiver is only available after your first year and only covers tuition, so all other costs would still apply.


5. If you are interested in learning a new software program, Chapman has a partnership with Lynda.com. The website offers video tutorials to help you learn Photoshop, brush up on Microsoft Excel, learn a new computer language or even learn how to edit videos.


6. If you are a commuter student, Chapman offers discounts on Metrolink monthly passes.


7. Ever wanted to go to an academic conference? Chapman’s Student Government Association will reimburse you for your costs, as long as it is under $1,000.

All you need to do is apply before you go to the conference, get approved and remember to thoroughly read the fine print.


8. Public Safety offers the Panther Guardian app for your phone, to help keep you safe.

The app includes a safety timer, a messaging system and a direct way to call Public Safety in an emergency.


9. Tired of finding all the washers full on campus? Visit Laundry View to see when there’s an appliance open.

10. If you’re late for class, grab the Chapman Parking App so you avoid full lots.

11. Going to see Harry Potter World got a little more affordable by going to Chapman.


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