Chapman Outdoors Club

Action climbing on a hike. Bonding outdoors. Courtesy of Chapman Outdoors Club

The Chapman Outdoors Club offers students a chance to get off campus and observe the scenery surrounding the area they live in.

Jacob Swartz, a junior business administration major and environmental studies minor, is the president of Chapman’s Outdoors Club, and founded the club in 2015 when he was a freshman. Last spring was the first active semester when it was recognized by the student government, which makes it an official club on campus.

Stopping for a quick dip.
Courtesy of Chapman Outdoors Club

“The Chapman Outdoors Club provides the opportunity for people who share a love for the outdoors to meet and experience new activities together. We try to go (outdoors) every two weeks. We want to get off campus and do something different and fun as much as possible,”  Swartz said.

There are 449 members in the Chapman Outdoors Club Facebook group, but not all members attend every trip, Swartz said. It varies from trip to trip.

The club has recently partnered with the Southern California Mountaineering

Association. The association screened its film Reel Rock 11 on campus Oct. 24. This film aimed to introduce Chapman students to the adventures of rock climbing and open their minds to the Southern California mountain initiative.

Emilie Allen, a junior strategic and corporate communication major, joined one of the hikes to Big Bear Lake a few weekends ago.

“It was a much needed nature walk to recharge and reconnect,” said Allen, who appreciated the chance to get off campus and meet some new people.

Swartz proposes the trip idea and then whoever is interested will sign up, he said.

“Everyone is always cool and excited to hear what the next trip is,” he said.

Bonding outdoors. Courtesy of Chapman Outdoors Club

Upcoming Trips

“The deep sea fishing trip is going to be a super cool trip,” Swartz said. The boat will be launching  from Newport Harbor scheduled for the first week in December.

“We go on a lot of different adventures including surfing, hiking, biking and fishing,” Swartz said.

The Outdoors Club is designed for all skill levels. You can be new to outdoor activities or advanced and skilled in the area. It provides everyone with the opportunity to get out and try something new.

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