Halloween decorations in the dorms

To celebrate Halloween, Chapman students decided to get into the holiday spirit by decorating their dorm rooms.  Here are some of the best and creative decorations found around campus.

In Glass Hall, these spooky lights from hung around Elise Hebert’s, a first year fine art major, mirror in her bathroom.Photo by Emily Yates

This window sticker outside Pralle-Sodaro Hall in Laurel Dobrow’s, an undeclared first year, room haunted everyone who walked by. Photo by Emily Yates

Laura Cyphers, a first year health science major decorated her door in Pralle-Sodaro Hall with spider webs and bats, while keeping the “Friends” theme in her whole hall has. Photo courtesy of Laura Cyphers.

Hannah Featherston-Haugh, a first year sociology major in Glass Hall, hung orange and red twinkle lights around her closet to get into the holiday spirit. Photo by Emily Yates

Emily Yates, a first year sociology major, hung a bowl of candy near her door so visitors could take one if they pleased. Photo by Emily Yates

Danial Shelburne, a first year psychology major, hung a banner by the window in Pralle-Sodaro Hall. Photo by Emily Yates

Elise Hebert, a first year fine art major, put a sign up on her door for trick-or-treaters in Glass Hall. Photo by Emily Yates

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