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How to make French madeleines

Photo by Chloé Arrouye


3 large eggs

150 grams of sugar

150 grams of flour

125 grams of unsalted butter

1 tablespoon of vanilla extract (optional)

1 orange or lemon for zest (optional)


Mixing bowl or KitchenAid


Measuring cups

Madeleine molds




2 spoons

Total prep time and cooking time: 30 minutes


Before you begin, set out all of your materials in your kitchen. Clear all counters and make sure all of your utensils are clean. Set the oven to 350˚F to heat while you are prepping.

Photo by Chloé Arrouye

Crack and beat three eggs until it forms a little white layer on top. If you are beating the eggs by hand, this should take about ten minutes. If you are using a KitchenAid, put it on setting “2” for stirring.

Once your eggs have attained a white layer, add 150 grams of sugar and mix together for about 7 minutes. While you are adding and mixing the sugar, start melting your 125 grams of butter, either in a pan or in the microwave until it dissolves into a liquid form.

Slowly start adding flour to your mix. Your mix will start to thicken and may have difficulty mixing. If that happens, add a bit of your melted butter to make sure the consistency stays smooth. Keep doing this until you’ve added all of the flour and butter. This should mix for about three to five minutes.

Photo by Chloé Arrouye

If you would like, you can add a tablespoon of vanilla extra and/or some lemon or orange zest to give your madeleines a bit of a kick. Mix thoroughly.

Set your madeleine molds next to your mixing bowl. With two spoons, add some batter to each mold. This should fill each mold about halfway and give room for the mixture to expand in the oven. Once you’ve filled your molds with the batter, stick your mold in the oven when it has reached 350˚F and let it bake for about 12 minutes.

Photo by Chloé Arrouye

Check your madeleines after about 10 minutes. You’ll want to take them out of the oven when they’ve started to brown around the edges of each madeleine. The madeleines should be a golden color. If they look too pale, leave it in for an additional two minutes.

Photo by Chloé Arrouye

Once they are ready to be taken out of the oven, set them on a paper towel on your counter until they’ve cooled down a bit. Once they’ve cooled down, present them nicely on either a plate or in a biscuit tin and enjoy!

This recipe is great for a quick break from studying or great last minute snack or gift. The total prep and cooking time is about 30 minutes. Enjoy this authentic French recipe!

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