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New cafes near Chapman

But first, coffee. The line is way too long at Starbucks and you’re getting tired of baristas spelling your name wrong. Fortunately,  several new cafes opened near Chapman this past summer. If you need your morning caffeine and have some extra time before class, check out Contra Coffee, Pandor Artisan Boulangerie and Bakery, Brot Coffee or Bardot Bars and Coffee.

Several new cafes opened this past summer.
Graphic by Laura Claypool.

Pandor replaced Café Lucca in the Orange Circle.
Graphic by Laura Claypool

Contra Coffee is located on the east side of Watson’s Soda Fountain.
Graphic by Laura Claypool

Brot Coffee is a five minute drive from Chapman University.
Graphic by Laura Claypool

Bardot Bars and Coffee is open late on weekends.
Graphic by Laura Claypool

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