Seven off-menu Starbucks drinks you must try this fall

Amid midterms, papers and late nights, college students can forget the nostalgia of autumn. Try these seven off-menu Starbucks drinks to live fall to it’s fullest and get the caffeine kick you need to make it through the semester.

Pumpkin patch matcha latte

Pumpkin patch matcha latte. Photo by Claire Treu.

  • This drink is a fun, not-too-sweet fall twist on a classic latte. It’s the perfect morning matcha green tea pick-me-up.
  • What to order: Classic latte with a pump of pumpkin spice and matcha powder steamed in
  • “I love it. I am not even a big fan of matcha, but this is light and yummy,” said senior peace studies and kinesiology major Nika Darrin.

Pumpkin hot chocolate

Pumpkin hot chocolate. Photo by Claire Treu.

  • Straight from the Starbucks Secret Menu, this drink is for non-coffee lovers. It’s a unique gingerbread twist to classic hot chocolate.
  • What to order: Hot chocolate with a pump of pumpkin spice
  • “It’s more interesting than a normal hot chocolate. It’s not overly sweet and tastes like fall,” said freshman peace studies major Natalia Ventura.

Cinnamon roll frappuccino

Cinnamon roll frappuccino. Photo by Claire Treu.

  • Recommended by sophomore film major Ally Vance, this drink is for you if you’re looking for something sweet, cold and full of cinnamon.
  • What to order: Vanilla bean frappuccino with a pump of cinnamon dolce syrup
  • “It’s freaky how much this tastes like a cinnamon roll and I dig it,” said sophomore political science major Hannah Richardson.

Pumpkin cinnamon chai

Pumpkin cinnamon chai. Photo by Claire Treu.

  • If you can’t have lactose, this is the drink for you. Suggested by a Starbucks worker, this chai latte tastes best with soy milk. It has subtle but delicious notes of spice and pumpkin.
  • What to order: Chai tea latte with soy milk, add one pump off pumpkin spice syrup and one pump of cinnamon dolce syrup.

White raspberry latte

White raspberry latte. Photo by Claire Treu.

  • This drink is great for anyone looking for the warmth of fall through mellow, fruity flavors.
  • What to order: Classic latte, add a pump each of white mocha and raspberry syrup. Ask for half pumps to cut back on the sweetness

Caramel pumpkin macchiato

Caramel pumpkin macchiato. Photo by Claire Treu.

  • From the Starbucks Secret Menu, this is a sweet macchiato with an espresso kick. It’s perfect for pumpkin and caramel lovers.
  • What to order: Caramel macchiato with ice made with pumpkin spice syrup instead of vanilla
  • “It tastes just like pumpkin pie filling on ice,” said senior political science major Justin Robinson.

Pumpkin pie frappuccino

Pumpkin pie frappuccino. Photo by Claire Treu.

  • Recommended by sophomore film major Ally Vance, this drink captures the nostalgia of pumpkin pie in a frappuccino and is great for sugar lovers.
  • What to order: Cream-based Frappuccino with a pump each of pumpkin spice and white mocha syrup.

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