These 21 note cards show student opinions on the election in class assignment

Literature professor Samantha Dressel started her class on the morning of Nov. 9 by passing out note cards to each of her Literature 1 students. On the note cards, she asked the class to write down how they were feeling about the news that Republican Donald Trump was elected the next president of the U.S.

“I saw so much pain, fear, and confusion on my own social media, and knew that my students would be feeling the same in spades,” Dressel said. “I knew that they would need a place to begin conceptualizing their responses and feelings, and I realized that the assigned folktale would feel hollow in comparison.”

Dressel decided to give the students the chance to tell their feelings anonymously because she wanted everyone to feel as though they had room for their responses to be heard.
“I then read the stack aloud, which included my own,” Dressel said. “I was truly humbled by the thoughtfulness and honesty of the contributors, and I hope that because of this exercise, we can begin to combat the fears so many people expressed by coming together as a supportive classroom community.”
Here are the anonymous notecards written by the students and Dressel:
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