Top five scary movies streaming on Netflix right now

With Halloween approaching, it’s time to get in the spooky mood. Here’s a list of the top five scary movies streaming on Netflix this month. Binge-watch them with friends as you carve pumpkins and eat Halloween candy, or watch them alone — if you dare.

The top five scary movies on Netflix, based off of their average score between Rotten Tomatoes and Audience Score. Graphic by Kate Hoover

What is more iconic than little Cole Sear whispering, “I see dead people”? Graphic by Kate Hoover

You’ll never want to hear three knocks on your door after watching this movie. Graphic by Kate Hoover

“Hush” will have you on the end of your seat from start to finish. Graphic by Kate Hoover

If you didn’t think clay figurines and stop-motion films could scare you, think again. Graphic by Kate Hoover

Good luck walking back to you car following a night class after watching this one. Graphic by Kate Hoover

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