Vegan restaurants near Chapman

Eating out and finding something on a menu that doesn’t contain animal products can sometimes be challenging. However, if you know where to look, there are seven places near Chapman that are vegan friendly. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, Growl Juice Pub, Mead’s Green Door, Green Tomato Grill, Jamba Juice, A la Minute, Rutabegorz and Loving Hut have a variety of vegan foods at low prices.

Map graphic of vegan food near Chapman. Graphic by Ashley Does

Jamba Juice graphic featuring their Island Pitaya Bowl. Graphic by Ashley Does

Rutabegorz graphic featuring their Veggie Thai. Graphic by Ashley Does

Mead’s Green Door graphic featuring their Vegan Terranean. Graphic by Ashley Does

Loving Hut graphic featuring their House Burger. Graphic by Ashley Does

Growl Juice Pub graphic featuring their Banana Berry Smoothie. Graphic by Ashley Does

Green Tomato Grill graphic featuring their Thai Tofu Wrap. Graphic by Ashley Does.


  • 7. Vegan Pizza
    8. FreeSoulCafe
    9. Vegan Faire
    10. Healthy Junk

    These places are entirely vegan (not vegetarian) and aren’t chain restaurants 😉 sorry but this isn’t a very well researched article.

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