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Socialight Week Five: SoundCheck

Zoe and I love to sing so walking in to Bertea Hall wasn’t so hard. We didn’t, however, realize that we were going to be walking into such a familial atmosphere at this week’s meeting of SoundCheck.

SoundCheck is an acapella group that has performed all over the community. They sing contemporary songs with multiple parts ranging from bass to soprano.

The group has both male and female members, the musical sound is very well rounded.

Members sat around in a circle and welcomed us with open arms. They were extremely kind and professional and willing to do whatever we needed them to do.

The students’ passion flew around the room during their rendition of Beyonce’s “The Best Thing I Ever Had.” We were blown away.

To be part of SoundCheck, applicants must audition. Then during callbacks, potential members will be asked to sight sing and learn a part from one of SoundCheck’s current songs. They will then be asked to sing that part in groups.

There is one more step until becoming a part of the group. The final callbacks. During this time applicants will be asked to blend their parts with members of SoundCheck. Those auditioning will then sing a solo.

Next year the group will need these parts for their harmony:
2 sopranos
2 mezzos
2 altos
2 tenors

For more info contact: Graeme Aegerter

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