Men’s basketball defeat Bulldogs 74-69

The crowd rose to their feet only to be greeted by a silence of what should have been the National Anthem.

The faulty sound system didn’t interrupt Chapman men’s basketball Wednesday evening as they grabbed a 74-69 victory over visiting University of Redlands at the Hutton Sports Center.

“We got it handed to us,” said Redlands Head Coach Jim Ducey.

The game opened with effortless shuffling on the court. Sophomore guards Jordan Young and Taylor Hamasaki had assists, which brought baskets for Chapman (9-7, 4-3 SCIAC). Junior forward Nick Dragovich travelled, losing the ball in a turnover to the Bulldogs (11-5, 6-1 SCIAC) but was fouled and given two free throws attempts. Young came back with a resounding basket after the struggle.

Sophomore guard Colin Zavrsnick tried to sink a last-minute free throw, but missed, leaving Chapman clinging to a narrow 34-31 lead to close out the first half.

Zavrsnick said enthusiasm is what put the Panthers ahead during the first half.

“The last two games we played had good energy,” Zavrsnick said. “This time, we were just smarter.”

Hamasaki opened second-half action with two baskets followed by a quick substitution of senior forward Colin Chadwick for Young due to a bloody nose. Redlands freshman forward Shawn James was fouled, while junior forward Alex Rudd sunk two consecutive shots. Meanwhile, senior guard Takeshi Clifford helped Chapman retake the lead.

With less than two minutes of regulation play remaining, Chapman Head Coach Mike Bokosky watched quietly from the sidelines as Ducey continuously yelled at his team under the pressure.

“You have to be tough or else they become soft,” Bokosky said. “The team is still young and immature.”

Bokosky said his silence is a characteristic that yields team respect.

“I try to be cool, calm and collected,” Bokosky said. “I want them to play rather than think.”

With a minute to go, Redlands senior forward Josiah Brensdal brought Chapman’s lead to only one point, 68-67. However, Clifford made two straight baskets to close the game and secure the 74-69 win.

Bokosky said team unity will be important in the second half of the season.

“If one has a mustache, they all have to have a mustache,” Bokosky said. “We must continue to adhere as a team.”

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