Best of: The Filling Station has the food to cure a hangover

The Filling Station, located on the corner of Glassell Street and Maple Avenue, is the perfect place for a hangover cure. The Filling Station offers a variety of breakfast foods including omelets, hash browns, bacon and pancakes. Photo by Cassidy Keola

We all (who are over the legal age of 21, wink*) have been there: the headache is pounding, every ray of sun might as well be a flashlight right in the eye, the out-of-body experience is real. For those of you stumbling out of your homes (or someone else’s, for that matter) on Sunday mornings and are looking for the best hangover food Orange has to offer, look no further than everyone’s favorite corner cafe: The Filling Station.

Yes, we all know The Filling Station as that one place your parents insist on going during orientation week because “it just looks so cute.” Sitting on the quaint little corner of Glassell Street and Maple Avenue and surrounded by brightly colored umbrellas and greenery, the cafe has always been an Old Towne Orange destination. But when your head is throbbing and your body is going through the motions of wanting greasy food, water and carbs, The Filling Station will have your back.

If you’re concerned for your “health” and don’t want to get the plate of classic breakfast essentials, we recommend the tomato, spinach and feta omelet (Although we can’t imagine you’re too concerned with your well-being, considering what you were up to the night before). If you go with the poor decision of prioritizing health over wellness, just please get the omelet with a side of toast. You can never go wrong with sourdough. I would also support the choice of an English muffin.

But, if you’re really going for the post-drunk night, severely hungover plate of joy, look no further than the bacon and eggs classic for a reasonable $11. Your head might not be in the right place to do homework that day or truly reflect on your poor weekend-life choices, but you may just be able to choose if you want your eggs scrambled or sunny side up. Accompanied with four slices of just about the best bacon out there, hash browns (please request “extra crispy”) and toast, it is the perfect plate to make your head hurt a little less.

If you’re going for a “hair of the dog” approach, a mimosa is only $6. Your options for this classic hangover cure also include a variety of beers and my personal favorite, the bloody mary. But if you really want to cure yourself, we suggest you go for a double espresso and a gallon of water.

We hope you sit outside on the patio, blinded by the Sunday morning light and say to yourself, “I’m never doing this again,” only to repeat the Friday and Saturday night antics the following week. The shameful yet thoroughly enjoyable cycle will perpetuate as long as Chapman students are a thing: good news for you, The Filling Station isn’t going anywhere.