2 female students arrested on drug-related charges


Two students were arrested for the possession of a controlled substance without a prescription in Pralle-Sodaro Hall April 12. Panther Archives

Two female students were arrested on drug-related charges, one for possession of a “restricted dangerous drug,” in Pralle-Sodaro Hall April 12, according to Orange Police Department Sgt. Phil McMullin.

The students, both 18, were arrested for possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. One student’s violation includes possession of a “restricted dangerous drug,” such as, among other drugs, Adderall, ecstasy, methamphetamine or LSD – though McMullin confirmed the drug in possession was not methamphetamine.

The other student was also arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, such as a pipe or any device used for injecting or smoking. McMullin could not confirm what type of paraphernalia was found. All of the charges are misdemeanors, McMullin said in a statement.

Public Safety received a phone call about a drug violation in the dorms at around 6:30 p.m. that day. The department responded, then turned the investigation over to the Orange police, which released the women on citation at approximately 9 p.m. after their arrest.

Dean of Students Jerry Price said his staff is conducting an investigation to determine whether there were policy violations and if there are student health issues that need to be addressed. He couldn’t comment further on the investigation, due to FERPA regulations.