Chapman’s bathrooms: an in-depth analysis

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Beckman Hall (a.k.a. Starbucks bathrooms): 2/10

  • Cold and uninviting atmosphere
  • Have to wade through hordes of people, because somehow a class is always just getting out
  • High chance you will get stuck in the automated doors while waiting in line
  • I always accidentally turn into the hallway before the bathroom and have to play it off like I meant to do that then turn around and walk to the real bathroom (Does anyone else do this every time? I’m asking for a friend who is not me.)
  • Gets two pity points for simply existing and serving its basic function, but is still solidly low-tier

Argyros Forum: 4/10

  • A slightly less uninviting version of the Beckman Hall bathrooms
  • The mirror lighting is very fluorescent and it makes me feel bad about myself
  • Bonus points for having a lot of stalls so you rarely have to go into a stall next to someone else
  • Central location makes it convenient, but it also means it’s very likely you will run into someone you know. If you’re avoiding someone or if you just need some quiet time to reflect, this bathroom is not for you
  • Overall it could be much worse, but it doesn’t come close to the top-tier bathrooms

Smith Hall: 8/10

  • Definitely top tier since it has a new modern, sleek look once the building was renovated
  • Fancy subway tile on the walls make me feel like I’m on an episode of Fixer Upper
  • Bonus points for having a full body mirror
  • Nice lighting: I’ve thrown up here before and I felt 30 percent less horrible than I could have because the atmosphere was so airy and bright
  • Many people say this is the best bathroom, but they’re wrong. It’s too out of the way for it to claim the top spot

Doti Hall: 5/10
-It’s fine

Memorial Hall: 7/10

  • Super secret bathroom
  • Has kind of a lobby/dressing room situation going on?
  • Nice and spacious, but nobody goes here unless it’s Airbands intermission so unfortunately it gets a lower score than it probably deserves

Wilkinson Hall Basement: 10/10
-The BEST bathroom

  • Clean, central, no line, good lighting and nothing is ever broken. Overall excellent bathroom and a clear winner.
  • If you are stuck on campus and have to take a mirror selfie ASAP, do it here.
  • I kind of regret writing this list because I’m ruining the best kept secret on campus but nobody ever uses this bathroom even though it is, like I said, the best.

Roosevelt Hall: 6/10

  • Fancy and clean single-person bathroom but it’s located in the teacher’s office building so I feel like I’m breaking the law whenever I go in there. I docked some points because it makes me uncomfortable.

Musco Center for the Arts: 0/10

  • Off limits, we are not worthy enough to use this bathroom

Hashinger Science Center -Basement: -2/10

  • Disgusting, avoid at all costs