Fall Fashion

This season, it’s all about (faux) fur, fur and more fur. Mixing textures are a bold choice, and the college prep look is in for men.

While, for some people, the fall and winter months might be about changing leaves, pumpkin pies, snowball fights and football, for me, the last several months of the year can only mean one thing: fall fashion.

As the weather (hopefully) begins to take a chilly turn, my fellow Chapman fashionistas are sure to bust out their personal takes on this year’s best fall and winter trends. Here are just some of this season’s must-have runway looks.

Ladies, if you want to make a statement this winter, jump on board the season’s hottest – and my personal favorite – trend: fur. Whether it’s a fur vest, coat, collar, neck wrap or whatever, just get something warm and fuzzy on your body. Wear a long, shaggy vest with black jeggings (jean leggings) and over-the-knee boots for a rocker-bohemian look. Or try a cropped, brown fur coat with blue jeans and ballet flats for a classic look. And please, always opt for faux-fur. Not only is it good for the animals, but for your wallet too.

Mixing patterns and textures is another great way to keep your wardrobe updated this fall. Flouncy tweed skirts, thick stripes, big polka dots and sequins can all live harmoniously on one outfit – if you play with proportions. The key is to make sure one pattern is more dominant over the other while still keeping them in the same family. It’s about time we all accepted it: your outfit needs to “go” not “match.”

Another one of my favorite trends this fall is the “great outdoors” look. Think lake-house comfy meets city-girl chic. Try on a pair of rubber-soled, heeled hiking boots with thick maroon socks, a thick sweater dress with tall brown boots or some fun Fair Isle knits under a camel toggle coat. To really complete this outdoorsy look, wear something with shearling trim. Designers sent this nubby wool trend down the runway on everything from boots to coats to bags. And as always, faux is the way to go.

If there’s one look I simply cannot stand this season it would have to be the ‘60s-inspired lady-like dresses we saw from Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton. I could probably count the number of people who look good in high waisted, pleated, full, calf-length skirts on my hand. So while the characters of Mad Men may have us yearning for the past, this style is too literal for a modern woman to pull off.

For men’s fall fashion this year, think Ralph Lauren’s All-American college prepster – with a little bad boy. Chunky cable knits, cuffed khaki, corduroy or cargo pants in autumn hues and bold-patterned sweaters all look spot-on this fall. Also, a cardigan is a collegiate-must and an easy layering piece – try on a neutral colored cardigan with a collared shirt and messy bow tie. Make sure you keep the fit slim and the length a little shorter to avoid looking like Mr. Rogers. Give the look a funky twist with a pair of non-prescription, tortoise-shell glasses with a slight horned-rim or go sockless in a pair of brown, beat-up oxfords.

The military trend is popular right now for both men and women, but I think guys can pull it off better with outerwear. Pea coats can be funky fresh in an unexpected pattern or with the collar up. Slim-fit utilitarian jackets in army green or navy with shoulder details are a must and a black leather biker or bomber jacket with minimal details looks great over a shirt and tie. A pair of tough work boots completes the look.

If you plan to experiment with any of these looks this season, I suggest you hit up stores like H&M and Forever 21; they have a large selection of both women and men’s apparel at great prices. Remember, these are all fabulous trends this season, but you don’t need to invest heavily in something that’ll be out quicker than Heidi Klum can say “auf Wiedersehen!”

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