“Ralph Breaks the Internet”: A must-watch film for all ages

Breaks the Internet

“Ralph Breaks the Internet,” the sequel to “Wreck It Ralph” (2012), was released in theaters Nov. 21.

Disney’s “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” which was released in theaters Nov. 21, the sequel to “Wreck It Ralph,” is not just a kid’s movie. It’s a film for all ages filled with messages that are universal — friendship, insecurities and the pursuit of dreams. The charming friendship between main characters Ralph and Vanellope is put to the test, and they are forced to grow and learn in the process. Funny, nostalgic, silly yet clever at the same time, “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is a movie worth seeing, no matter how old you are.

The film’s setting, the internet, is something that almost everyone understands. The way the internet is depicted through animation is remarkable — showing the amount of people interacting online via avatars made it so viewers could actually see the busy, hectic nature of the virtual world.

“Ralph Breaks the Internet” is cameo-filled, including both modern Disney characters and ones created up to 90 years ago. The film features all the old and modern Disney princesses, as well as some characters from Star Wars, Toy Story and even Winnie the Pooh. The cameos don’t feel forced. Since the internet contains such a wide scope of information, it makes sense that all these characters would be interacting in the virtual world.

The film is not afraid to make fun of past Disney films, the internet and itself. From the scene with the princesses comparing their movies’ similar plots, to the cultural phenomenon of viral videos and memes. This self-awareness doesn’t happen in many Disney movies, and it’s a refreshing take.

The movie also features an anti-hero, which is unusual for a Disney movie. That antihero is Ralph’s insecurities, visually depicted by clones of Ralph that combine to form a much bigger, much more formidable Ralph. His insecurities were duplicated by a virus intended to stop Vanellope from leaving him for a game called “Slaughter Race,” the ultimate racing adventure.

The whole purpose of the movie then becomes whether or not their friendship will survive this awful turn of events, and it all depends on whether Ralph will learn how to have healthier friendships. If not, he’ll end up alone, which is his biggest fear.