Review | Morning Lavender lives up to its pretty pictures

morning lavender

Morning Lavender attracts customers because of its trendy, chic vibe. Photo by Leah de Leon

I’ll admit it: I went to Morning Lavender Cafe for the ‘gram.

Pristine white marble countertops, fresh lavender in dainty vases and a flower wall telling me I’m gorgeous? It seemed like a no-brainer to check it out, but because of all the social media hype surrounding the cafe’s opening, I proceeded with caution.

I tried the iced lavender latte. Photo courtesy of Leah de Leon

But Morning Lavender Cafe was more than just an Instagram aesthetic.

The store reels in customers with its trendy, chic vibe. It’s a girly heaven complete with trendy coffee selections, a “photo wall” and an array of cute clothes, accessories and cards to boot.

The lady who served me was friendly and recommended the classic iced lavender latte. I went for it, also ordered a rose petal macaron and opted to sit outside on the sunny patio. The striped umbrellas offered shade, the pastel patio furniture created cozy seating and the pops of green plants made the environment refreshing.

I got what I came for: a cute and tasty coffee spot I could flaunt on my Instagram.”

Soon, my macaron appeared on a flowery plate you’d find at a princess tea party. Next, my iced lavender latte arrived with a purple, punny sleeve that read, “Oh, hi cute-tea.”

My coffee arrived in a sleeve that read, “Oh, hi cute-tea.” Photo by Leah de Leon

At first glance, the pastry looked too pretty to eat: a dried rose petal rested atop an icing drizzle. When I took my first bite, the first thing I noticed was how stuffed the macaron was. The marshmallow-like filling oozed out of the sides, but not enough to get your hands sticky. The smooth filling contrasted the subtle, yet noticeable rose flavor: not too in your face, and not too faint.

Then, the coffee. I expected it to be sweet, and sweet is what I got. You could taste the coffee, but the sugar and dairy took front and center. Even after mixing it, the lavender failed to shine through. Unfortunately, it was just an iced latte with some lavender sprinkled on top. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t call it a lavender latte since the flavors were not fully infused.

Despite this, I got what I came for: a cute and tasty coffee spot I could flaunt on my Instagram. The environment definitely sells it, so when you go, make sure you grab a gal pal and wear an outfit you wouldn’t mind snapping a few pics in.