I have a love-hate relationship with ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’


This is something the gaming community has been waiting a long time for. There have been many Star Wars games in the past, but it has been the Battlefront franchise that is the Holy Grail for many. In the mid-2000s, these games ruled on the original Xbox and Playstation 2 systems. Now, Electronic Arts has released Star Wars Battlefront. This is closer to a reboot than a third game in the franchise, so I was quite excited to see what this revamped series would be like.

The way the game looks is great. There was a clear choice to make the game look as photorealistic as possible, almost as if you could mistake the game for a strange segment from the newest upcoming Star Wars film. The game is almost there, but not quite. Sections where there are only landscapes and machinery, such as in the air battle modes, look great, but human character, such as Luke Skywalker and Han Solo seem to stick out and look fake next to amazing landscapes. Same would go for Stormtroopers without helmets on because they look like they have a fake head on an extremely realistic armored body. There was also the problem of textures and objects popping into existence as they rendered from far away. This flies with games like Minecraft, but not so much with games such as this where it somewhat ruins the illusion. I think it also says something when less than a week from the game coming out, teaser images are revealed for a texture mod for the game that legitimately makes it photorealistic. It could have been done better.

The gameplay is what this game should praise itself on above anything else. The average player of the game will spend most of their time in the first-person shooter style of gameplay in which you have some sort of a gun and some power-up cards to use. This mode of play is almost satisfying within itself enough to make up the entirety of the game. Its enjoyable to unlock new weapons and cards to mix and match according to your gameplay preferences. This is another situation in which I found myself wishing for slightly more, though. Just eight main guns to choose from is an extremely low amount for a modern FPS game, but the amount of cards to mix and match with them along with the other styles of gameplay are enough to feel fulfilled. The other gameplay styles include an array of modes such as piloting an AT-SD walker or a X-Wing, annihilating the composition as an iconic character from the films or whipping through the jungle on a speeder bike. There are plenty of ways to play and most of them are highly satisfying.

The current available game modes, maps and missions are great, but I cant help feeling like EA is holding back on their customers. There are plenty of game modes available from the moment the system boots up. Some are as simple as a team death match in which the team with the most kills at the end wins. Others can be a complex battle over one team defending an AT-AT walker as it makes its way to one end of the battlefield to the other as the opposite team attempts to shoot down the walker and take out defending players. There are modes that are exclusively air battles, while others that mix the many styles of gameplay all into one giant mesh to give a feeling of a war erupting.

There are currently five planets these modes can take place on, which isnt bad considering there are different maps on each planet, depending on the amount of players playing at once. So a guess might be that there are 10 maps, which falls slightly short for a modern FPS, but I would let it slide due to new content coming soon. I also feel slightly cheated by not having a multiplayer-based story mode. I do have a problem with the fact that this game is incomplete. There is no point in having this game without purchasing an extra season pass for all the DLC coming in the future. That bothers me and makes me feel as if EA may have been holding back content. At least getting some new maps is better than getting nothing after initial launch.

This is a game I feel will have a love-hate relationship with many gamers. The game overall is worth a buy if you are into hours of online multiplayer, but no campaign.

Four out of five Panther paws.

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