Pop music not for ‘Glee’ star

Lea_Michele_-_Louder_(Official_Album_Cover)[1]Lea Michele took a break from playing musical television show “Glee” character Rachel Berry to release her debut pop solo album “Louder” March 4.

And although Michele has already graduated William McKinley High School, the 27-year-old seems stuck in the past.

Michele’s immense vocal talent is apparent throughout the album, but “Louder” fails to bring anything fresh or exciting to music listeners.

Her single, “Cannonball,” foreshadows what’s to come in the other songs. It’s repetitive, lacks a beat and is missing any true passion from Michele.

The album is boring and monotonous, with Michele singing song after song about the hardships and joys of relationships.

“Don’t Let Go,” for example, compares a couple’s relationship to a kite with lines like “there’s a string holding us together.”

A few songs stand out better than the rest, however. “On My Way” has a fun, danceable beat, but borders cheesiness with lines like “My heart’s too drunk to drive.”

The ballad “Battlefield,” my favorite, stands out for the emotion put into it, but the lyrics are overdone, describing the moment leading up to a couple’s breakup and (predictably) comparing it to a battlefield.

The album ends as anticlimactically as it began, with “If You Say So,” a song about Michele’s boyfriend Cory Monteith’s death in July. Although more personal, the song still somehow mirrors how a preteen girl would sing about her middle school crush.

“Louder” is just another talented artist’s poor attempt to become a mainstream pop princess.

A piece of advice, Michele: Stick to the Broadway tunes.

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