Season two brings even ‘Stranger Things’

“Stranger Things 2” was released Oct. 27.
Photo courtesy of Netflix Media Center

“Stranger Things 2,”which was released on Netflix Oct. 27, is even more thrilling than the first season.

“It’s cliche to say ‘bigger and darker,’ but that’s really what we tried to do,” said “Stranger Things” co-creator and Chapman alumnus Matt Duffer ‘07, according to Deadline.

Bigger and darker is exactly what he delivered. Not for the faint of heart, “Stranger Things 2” is hair-raising, plot-twisting and addictive.

In season two, the original and fearless preteen gang of Mike, Lucas, Will and Dustin is faced with yet another problem from the “Upside Down” dimension. A growing shadow inside Will starts to lash out while unusual events reveal a ghostly presence in Hawkins, Indiana. The friends team up with new and old characters in nine new chapters of friendship, romance, family and death.

Without compromising familiar and beloved characters from season one, six new characters enter the stage this season. The addition of more developed and independent female characters actively enhances the story.

It was most exciting this season to see each character develop. You really feel like you are part of the Hawkins group, not to mention the growing love story between Eleven and Mike, even after so much time apart.

Provoking music combined with intense and powerful camera angles will keep your heart racing and eyes glued to the screen. Using a variety of camera angles and shots, the viewer can step into the scene with the characters. The music, released a week earlier on Spotify, helps viewers relate to the sci-fi feeling of the show, especially when focusing on characters with supernatural gifts, like Eleven and Will.

The cinematography and visual effects are what make this season better than the first. While gory to some, the animations are well done and often terrifying. Visual effects make the “Upside Down” and Will’s visions more realistic. Two unexpected and bloody deaths are intensified with convincing animations of the Demogorgon, which is a monster, and its army.

Chapter five is the best episode in the sequel. This episode builds the plot while revealing lingering questions from season one. Characters start to build stronger bonds and love stories heat up.

The closing scene in chapter nine foreshadows another season. Can the Duffer Brothers top themselves with a possible “Stranger Things 3”?

Anyone who is ready to binge should watch this season. I am thoroughly impressed with the young actors’ talents and the originality shown in “Stranger Things 2.”

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