Truck’s treats fulfill summer cravings

Normally, I’d be put off by anything burnt, but not this time.

I caught up with Orange County-based food dispensary The Burnt Truck last Friday in Irvine, the location it tweeted via Twitter.

I was hesitant to try “gourmet sliders” from a place with the less-than-charming name right up until I saw the mammoth-sized line for the food. It had to be good, right?

The Burnt Truck did not disappoint.

Before my trip to the truck, the idea of food cooked in a vehicle seemed tacky and unoriginal, like the awfully over-priced vans camped out at a carnival or fair.

However, like little beefy treats, the gourmet sliders were flavored with mounds of addictive ingredients that left me with a growing affection for food trucks.

Maybe it was the garlic potato spread and the country gravy that spilled over the fried chicken, or the crispy bacon and onion rings that topped the Western Burger, but, as a keen burger fan, I devoured the delicacies in seconds. The taste left me craving more. Nevertheless, as soon as I finished my sliders, I was eager to try another of the five choices on the menu.

The Burnt Truck had burgers ranging from a regular cheeseburger, to a homemade sloppy Joe to a Vietnamese beef choice enriched with jalapenos and garlic aioli. The truck also featured a fried bologna burger and PB&J with banana. Small sides of tater tots or crinkle-cut fries could be added to any option.

Each of the burgers cost a modest $2.25 and the sides cost $2 – prices no one could scoff at. Although maybe not the ideal place for a full meal, the snack-sized portions allowed eaters to stock up on different types of sliders to make an eclectic dinner.

After ordering, the truck’s staff friendly and efficient staff asked if I’d like to donate a dollar for the Japanese relief effort. I agreed and was given a sticker with my name on it to post on the truck’s side. With nice, personal touches like this, it proved a good way to raise money for those affected in Japan.

The only downside to the freshly prepared food was the wait. I waited 40 minutes from when I first joined the line to when I actually had the mini-burgers in my grasp.

Next time, I’ll come a little earlier and give anything burnt a chance in the future.

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